MilBlog Conference 2010 (MBC) - AAR forthcoming

I like the word 'forthcoming'. Compound words are favorites of mine - very efficient uses of a rather inefficient language.

My AAR of the 2010 MilBlogging conference is in the works. However, microbiology, anatomy, sign language, children, a messy house, and my bed are all competing for my time at the moment. So the AAR will have to wait until tonight at the earliest. I did not take many pictures - actually the only pictures I took were at Arlington National Cemetery.

And those are sufficient. I'll be back in a little while.

In the meantime, you can go read Maggie, Starbuck, or or Taco for a review of the conference - theirs are all better than mine will be anyway! Ok - maybe 'better' isn't the word...'different'. Theirs are different.


- hfs

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