UPDATE: Just heard from my professor and she's actually going to let me take the exam. Wow. I completely did not expect that. Time to studystudystudy!!!

I just completely blew my 'A' in one of my online courses. I had an exam that was due today and I forgot to take it. I had a window of opportunity - 5 days, in fact. And normally I take my exams on the last day of that window which is usually a Saturday. But I either forgot that I had an exam due or forgot that it is Saturday (damned Furlough Fridays mess me up) and it wasn't until 10 p.m. when I logged on to take a quiz that I realized I had missed it.

I wondered when that was going to happen. Dammit.

I was on track for an 'A'. Now, even with a perfect score on the final (highly unlikely), I'll be 26 points (out of 500) away from an 'A'. Damndamndamn.

I wrote to my professor and asked if she would consider allowing me to take the exam first thing Monday morning but I'm not hopeful. She doesn't allow makeup work under any circumstances and I have no excuse for missing this exam (other than 'I forgot') so I'll probably just have to accept the consequences.

In my defense, it's not like I was lounging at the beach - I actually spent this morning studying for another final, finishing up PowerPoint for church tomorrow, putting the finishing touches on a baby shower gift and getting the last details together for the shower itself (I was tasked with running games), retrieving a child from a sleep-over, feeding both children, etc.

Maybe I should have gone to the beach.



- hfs

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