Still here

I am still alive and kicking. Barely. I managed to get slammed with a sinus infection - something I've never had before. First time I've had a fever in years. And it's sidelined me something awful. I think I've slept more in the past 3 days (yay NyQuil!!!) than I have the entire month of March. I'm on the mend but still not 100%.

This coming week is another killer. I'm heading to the MilBlogging conference at the end of the week so I have to get all of my exams taken care of before I leave. So this week includes: 2 in-class quizzes, 2 labs, 1 in-class exam, and 2 online exams. Whee. And lofty though my goals during Spring Break were, I failed to achieve them. Imagine that!

Easter is upon us and the eggs have been dyed. We are heading to church for our version of "sunrise service" which will involve setting up for our 10am service in the park. It takes a lot of people to move our entire sound system, video system, chairs, tents, etc. down to the park so we'll be there at 0545. But it's wonderful to watch the sun come up!

Following service, there is a wonderful luncheon followed by games and an egg hunt for the kids. Then we're heading to a friend's house for dinner with a bunch of other friends and an adults-only, full-contact, egg hunt. Should be fun!

I'm counting days until the MilBlog conference. It will be a nice reminder that I am still a military spouse. And being around old friends will be good for my soul. I'm dreading the plane flight but that's nothing that a diphenhydramine can't take care of. I'm going to be on the ground in DC for a whopping 36 hours and I don't plan to sleep (I'll sleep on the plane). Should be lots of fun!

I'll be blogging more toward the end of the week once I get these exams out of the way. I'll be very glad when May in here and I can be done with these classes.


- hfs

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BillT said...

*And* you're going to have to keep Cassie out of trouble after she slams about five Blue Hawaiians in as many minutes.


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