Here and there

and everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere. But I'm still here.


I am done.

I managed to pull a 3.7 for the semester which - given the circumstances of my life at the moment - is pretty damn impressive. I think I deserve a medal. Ok - maybe just a brownie. I missed the Dean's List by 0.1 point and had to fight for the 'A' in my Anatomy lecture because my professor left a lot to be desired when it came to organizational or communication skills. But I got it (I earned it so there really shouldn't have been a fight) which is all that matters.

UPDATE: I just checked my grades and by some miracle (and it was a miracle...I know what my test scores were) I earned an 'A' in the one class that I thought I'd get a 'B' in. So I pulled a 4.0 this semester. That definitely earns me a medal. AND a brownie!

So, for now, I am pretty much squared away with regard to prerequisites for Nursing school. No idea if I'll actually go but if I need to, I'm prepared. I could stand to take one more psych class (Developmental Psych) because the FIVE other psych classes I've taken over the course of my post-secondary educational career (yes, FIVE) aren't enough for nursing school. But that's not possible right now so I'll just have to hope I am able to either scoot around that requirement (if I've learned nothing else as an Army spouse, it's that EVERYTHING is waiverable) or talk someone into giving me credit for it based on the FIVE other psych classes I've taken in the past.

No idea where I'd go to school. I've put in at a few Junior Colleges in SoCal. And I've looked at schools in Tyler, Texas as well as Armstrong Atlantic in Savannah. At this point - like everything else in my life - it's up in the air so I'll worry about it when the time comes.

The kids have about a week left of school. They are ready to be done. I am ready for them to be done. This year has left a lot to be desired and I'm looking forward to homeschooling them myself next year if that winds up being possible.

MacGyver acquired two old jet skis a while back and has been working on rebuilding them (that's what he does. Hence the name "MacGyver"). He's taken them out a few times for test runs down by the airport and had spotty success. But last week he was able to get them running well so we went out with some friends from church (they have a boat and like to go water skiing and tubing) and they both ran pretty well for a bit. They both are tempermental (like me!) and took some coaxing to get going but they ran. The yellow one gave out before the purple one and I was able to get a good ride in on the purple one. That was awesome - I haven't jet skiied in over 15 years. After the skis died (they both need new batteries among other things) we hit the tubes and got tossed around pretty good. I'm not as young as I used to be and I'm STILL feeling it today (it's Monday. We went out Saturday.). But oh, it was so much fun.

Supposedly there is video of me flying off the tube - I'll have to track it down and watch it.

This week I have declared war on crap in my house. I let it go this semester because I just couldn't keep up but now that school is over, the gloves are off. Today was the office and it has been pretty well beaten into submission. Tomorrow I tackle the master bedroom and hall/craft closet.

Fun times.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

If you make it to Tyler, I'll buy the first margaritas.

Mary said...

Community College! And, use "life experience" for the psych requirement - could work...

Best of luck and congrats on the GPA - much better than I ever did

Curtis said...

Congratulations on finishing with a 3.7 GPA. I'm with Mary, that's way better than I ever did as a EE major. My Colonel used to call me into his office and demand to know if I knew what a blanking enigma I was. Sort of got started on learning ways to answer rhetorical questions at that point.

Best of luck!

Homefront Six said...

Mary ~ I'm at a CC right now. I just am not in a position to take any more classes at the moment so the psych class will have to wait. More than likely, if I need to get into a Nursing program somewhere, I'll have to wait a bit anyway so I can take it while I wait.

AC ~ you're on.

Curtis ~ my BIL always says that "pressure makes diamonds" and there has definitely been a lot of pressure this semester so that might explain the GPA.

How does one actually answer a rhetorical question...?

airforcewife said...

I have a homeschool curriculum for you, if you end up needing it!

It's Sonlight - level 2- second half of world history. And we love it!

We're also done with it, though, and trying to keep up with getting rid of things when we no longer need them...

Pogue said...

OK, the 4.0 is more like it... I was a little worried about that B. :P

Seriously - Good Job!

Homefront Six said...

Pogue ~ I was too! ;~P

Ruthie ~ thanks! Actually I've already acquired most of the curriculum I plan to use. We were *this* close to pulling the kids 1/2 way through the year this year so I went ahead and ordered curriculum. I read The Well Trained Mind a while back and was hooked by page 10! So we're going with:

- Spelling Workout
- First Language Lessons + The Complete Writer (for the boy)
- Building with Diligence (for the girl)
- Handwriting without Tears
- Math U See
- Story of the World (history)
- Real Science 4 Kids (chem)
- Drawing with Children + art classes locally
- John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano + lessons (possibly)

There is also a co-op at our church that we will be involved with as long as we are on the island. I'm really looking forward to it and I hope we can continue to homeschool wherever we land. We'll see.

Mary said...

Thoughts -

1. several members of my local calligraphy group have developed a program for elementary school level kids to learn about calligraphy. I have asked if it could lend itself to home schooling, given your handwriting and art modules. The initial presentation met with a great response from the students.
2. I think I still have a beginning piano software package that I can send to you or your mother.

Curtis said...

My first grader and I talked about calligraphy last weekend. She was fascinated. If you have a program for it I know two inquiring minds. One, regrettably, will probably never learn piano but the smaller cuter one was very keen to show off middle C and so many other things on the piano.

Curtis said...

You're like my Sister in Law or sisters. One of them got a 4.0 all the way through CC in San Diego and last 2 years at UCB while working full time. The other two were uber achievers at UC or PSU.

I'm not offering to help with the brownie but I do have spare medals lying around. Red or Green?

My little girl and I spent some time recently with a friend of her mom who was almost that smart. We had a fantastic and memorable weekend. Both of the older girls work in Fort Worth at Lockheed on the latest generation fighter. Really really smart. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Homefront Six said...

I have nothing with regard to calligraphy. We'll get to that once I get the 6 year old to stop reversing his letters. Maybe.

As for the medals...I'll take green. I don't have a favorite color, per se, but that's close.

I still don't know how I pulled a 4.0. Seriously. I don't feel as though I was able to give any of my classes 100% because they aren't my priority - my kids and my family are. But I'll take it.

As for doing anything I put my mind to, I want to stay home and educate my children. I truly have no desire to work outside the home at this point in my life. I will if I have to and if I have to, it's going to be something I WANT to do - i.e. EMT or trauma/critical care nursing. I'm not going to head back out in to the workforce just to be a warm body somewhere. If I'm going to have to take time away from my family and my children it will be to do something worthwhile and valuable.


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