Back to waiting

Nothing new to report. We are back to waiting which, surprisingly (for those that know me in real life) I am getting to be decent at. Who would have thought?

I have no idea when to expect news on the next step in this process. Maybe a week? Two? Who knows? So life goes on.

I will say this...when all is said and done, I might have a career in the contract aviation headhunting world. There's a niche for you.

Tomorrow night is Army Ball. An excuse to get all dolled up and forget about worries for a few hours. My dress is awesome (on a variety of levels, not the least of which being the fact that I bought it at a thrift store for less than $10) and my friends are going to do my hair. MacGyver will be resplendent in his dress blues. I love a man in uniform! I'll post pictures when I recover.

And, as if everything that has been going on in my life wasn't enough, I'm giving my testimony at church on Sunday. Because *that* isn't going to be emotionally exhausting. Eesh. And then, next week, I'm watching a friend's 2 year old while she's at training for the Guard. Fun times! I need a vacation just thinking about it!


- hfs

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