Beat it, Debbie Downer

Ok - the more I read my previous post, the more it grates on my nerves. It's honest and true but man, do I sound like Eeyore. Which drives me nuts. So I'm going to post something a little more upbeat.

We are just a few chalks away from having all of our guys (and girls...Hi Chaplain!) back which is fantastic! When they left, I wasn't sure if we'd be here to welcome them home. And we are. Which is also fantastic! It's SO good to see them all. I love watching them melt into the arms of their loved ones - it's such a heart-warming thing and it gives me chicken-skin just thinking about it. We have a few more rounds in the next couple of days and I'm really looking forward to those too. Not only is it good to see the soldiers come home, it's nice to be able to reconnect with their spouses. I haven't been in contact with many spouses from MacGyver's company or battalion so it's great to see them and spend time with them (briefly) before they tackle their soldiers.

I took the advice of a commenter here who told me a while back (when I was worrying about how to plan for the future in the face of everything going on) and we're just living life as we would normally. Which means soccer practice and getting ready for school to start. Add in there BMX riding (we haven't started racing...yet) and Awana on the horizon along with church commitments and this thing I like to call life and things have turned a little crazy around here! Which is good - keeps us out of trouble.

We decided to homeschool the kids this year. We've committed to one year and then we'll reevaluate where we stand - phsyically/logistically, financially, spiritually. Neither MacGyver or myself were happy with Little Man's first year of school. His teacher not only didn't challenge him (he was reading and doing simple arithmetic when he started Kindergarten), in some ways she actually stifled him. Because he would finish ahead of his table-mates, he'd get bored and become a distraction. Rather than give him more challenging work or books to read, he was labeled a trouble-maker. He's a typical 6 year old boy and would rather do 1,001 things besides classwork so he'd turn in lousy work (ahead of his table-mates). Yet she'd accept it, rather than make him do it over or correct his mistakes. And then he would get poor marks on his assignments AND be in trouble for being a distraction. I watched his excitement to learn and be in school fade as the year went along.

Combine this with the on-going trouble The Girl has had with a certain bully in her grade and the school's less than acceptable dealings with the situation and the limbo we're currently living in and you get the idea as to why we're homeschooling them. THEY are excited. I am too but also a little overwhelmed. I just remind myself that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time so that's what we're focusing on - one day at a time. They are excited to be studying ancient history and chemistry this year (in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic) and for the co-op we're going to be working with once a week.

I'm in the process of selecting a new song to choreograph for sign language class. My kids (the ones I work with) have lots of suggestions but nothing has really hit me yet.

And tomorrow, we are meeting up with an old and dear friend of mine from junior high and high school for dinner. He and his new bride are here on their honeymoon and we get to see them. I'm really, really excited - he was a sweet guy in high school and thanks to Facebook I've been able to get back in touch with him. Should be lots of fun!

So, even though it's cloudy here (it's always cloudy here...I swear, I live in Seattle) my mood has lifted, for which I am thankful.

Hey Debbie (Downer)...don't let the door hit you in the rear end on your way out!


- hfs


Barb said...

... it's always cloudy here ...
Yeah - just like Seattle. Except for the whole WARM thing, most of the time ;-)

Glad your spirits are lifted. Dive into the daily stuff - whatever is going to happen will happen, you might as well enjoy the Now.

BillT said...

I'm in the process of selecting a new song to choreograph for sign language class.

Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" -- the extended-play version with the fourteen minute drum solo...

Homefront Six said...

Heh. No.


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