Hi, my name is HFS...

...and I am a chai tea addict.

*waves hi to the crowd*


It's so bad that the manager at one of the local SBUX where I spent the majority of the last semester studying knows me by name and usually has my drink waiting for me by the time I get up to the register to pay. I feel like Norm walking into Cheers.

A few months ago, a friend bought me the tumbler you see in the picture - it saves me 10% when I actually remember to bring it with me. And it's the special "Hawaii edition" with "Aloha from Hawaii" and a hibiscus flower emblazoned on the side. Aren't I special?! And I also have the "gold card" aka Starbucks Reward Card.

Hey, if I'm going to have an addiction, I'm going to make it work for me.

Along with the tumbler in the picture at the top of this post, you'll see a container of Tazo chai tea concentrate - the same stuff SBUX uses. It's NOT - no matter what anyone tells you - the same thing as the stuff in the grocery store. It's more concentrated, less watered down. Not.The.Same. I bought a 4-pack on eBay (to split with another addict friend of mine from church) and have been on a caffeinated high ever since. I don't "do" coffee. MacGyver does but I can't stand it. He's a coffee purest and has a whole production that is involved in making his coffee that involves an electric coffee grinder (beans are stored in the freezer in order to maintain freshness), an Aerobie Coffee Press that is microfiltered for silt-free, rich coffee, and the addition of zero sugar or creamer. I'm telling you - it's a production in our house in the morning!

But, for as much time as I spend in SBUX, I can't stand coffee. Blech.

However, I'll knock you over if you get in between me and my chai.


- hfs


Starry-I'd said...

Oh how I miss Norm!

BillT said...

...microfiltered for silt-free, rich coffee, and the addition of zero sugar or creamer.

Waitaminnit -- you're saying he adds *water*? Why would he want to *dilute* it?

Homefront Six said...

Yes, he adds water. The coffee grounds on their own make a mess. Trust me.

I miss Norm too. And Cliff.

HMS Defiant said...

Used to ask the little girl if she wanted SBUX lady milk or box milk when we hit SBUX every weekend. She usually chose the box milk but every now and then, the cup caught her fancy and she would want the item with the lady on it. + Madelines. always .... and now glazed donut..... darn those SBUX people.


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