Jumped the gun...a little

OK - so it's not quite "over". The scariest part is over but, like I said earlier, there are some administrative consequences that have to be dealt with. And those started coming down this week. No rest for the wicked, it seems.

Apparently the prayers/good thoughts/small animal sacrifices are working so it would be great if you all could spare some more of those. In all seriousness, people in pay grades far above mine are going to be making decisions in the next two weeks or so that will affect (if not determine) the future of MacGyver's Army career and our future as a military family. Therefore, we could use all of the prayers/good thoughts/small animal sacrifices possible.

Ideally, all of this would be handled at the "local" level and MacGyver could continue to serve his country. However, I realize that might not be possible and, if that's the case, my hope and prayer is that however the Army sees fit to handle this situation would not prevent him from pursing his flight career in the civilian world, preferably in support of his country and the military.

I guess we'll see. Thank you...all twelve of you. You have no idea how much this outlet has helped me keep my sanity. Your comments and emails have helped sustain me even in the darkest moments of this mess. I have no way to repay anyone other than with my sincere gratitude. And a great recommendation for a civilian attorney that specializes in military law, should you ever need it.


- hfs


Sandi said...

Sorry to hear that it isn't quite over. Prayers and good thoughts incoming.

D2 said...

My prayers are still going out to you and the whole family!! ((HUGS))

DL Sly said...

As always, you continue to be in my thoughts. However, I find myself currently in a small animal shortage. Would the blood from a really juicy rib eye -- grilled to a perfect medium rare -- suffice??

S said...

keeping my fingers crossed that you get the outcome you want.

Starry-I'd said...

Hang in there. I'll assume you have no control over what is happening and therefore your worrying doesn't have an impact on anything but yourself and your family. Minimize that, and one way or another, you'll be okay.

Hugs all around!

Homefront Six said...

Sly ~ I'll take anything I can get!

Nope - no control whatsoever. Odd place for me to be - I'm used to being able to elicit at least a modicum of control over things. But not this time. C'est la vie!

Peaches said...

Apologies to your mother, but I have some yappy dogs living nearby that I will be happy to offer up (they yap at anyone - with or without a dog - walking by and either their owner/guardian is not there or does not give a rat's patootie about the noise). Absent that, fingers still crossed! And, how does "traffic reporter" or "aero bureau officer" sound?

Lemon Stand said...

I live in the middle of nowhere but we sure do have a surplus of small, wild critters. We'll be happy to sacrifice them, (particularly the wild turkeys)

Seriously though, the toughest thing to realize is that the only thing in life you have control over is YOUR reactions to whatever comes your way. You only get one chance to live your life so live it fully the best way you know how but remember adversity can give you wings sometimes that you never saw coming so Carpe Diem.

I may not get over here as often as I'd like but your family HAS been in my thoughts and prayers.

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...


Annie said...

How about some weird stuff that only I, your friend the Wicked Witch of the West, can do? Hey, I'm already doing them for my current nemisis - so I'll just add in some extra "stuff" for you. And you know, in all seriousness, that you have my prayers always and forever.

Curtis said...

You have my prayers.


Homefront Six said...

Thanks everyone. Seems we might know more either toward the end of this week or maybe next week.

In the meantime, our DEROS date (the date we are due to PCS) is quickly approaching...not sure if it will stand or be pushed back. I'm a fan of pushing back until after the holidays but we'll see what the Army has to say about that.

I suppose beggars cannot be choosers.