What does your car say about you?

Yahoo article

* Black: Aggressive personality, rebel
* Silver: Cool, calm, may be a loner
* Green: Reactive
* Yellow: Idealistic
* Blue: Introspective, reflective, and cautious
* Red: Someone who is full of energy and pizzazz
* White: Status seekers, gregarious
* Cream: Contained and controlled

Interesting. It doesn't mention my car specifically but she would fall in between the sedans and sports car categories.

She's red. BRIGHT red.

She has a V6 under the hood with a 5-speed transmission and really hits her rhythm right around 4,000 rpm. MacGyver completely debadged her so unless you know what you're looking at, you have no idea that she's more than just your run of the mill VW sedan. Until I smoke you off the line or in the fast lane while still in 3rd gear. With 'oomph' to spare.

Can you tell I love driving her?

The personality description associated with the color of my car seems to be appropriate as well (most days!). However, the description related to the color silver - which 3 of the past 4 cars I've owned have been - doesn't match me unless I'm in the middle of an emergency. Huh.

One of the reasons I am itching to get off this turd sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is so that I can DRIVE. I can't drive on this island. There is nowhere to go and there are cops literally every .5 miles just waiting to give you a ticket for doing 2 miles over the (incredibly slow and asinine) speed limit, thereby placing another $150+ in the state's coffers to pay for its overblown budget. So I am constantly holding my sweet little red V6 back. I'd really like to get her out on a road where I can truly open her up and let her run.

But that will have to wait.

She came to me through one of the guys in MacGyver's unit. I had just sold my Pilot and divested myself of the painful car payment and this guy was deploying. So he was selling the little red car and selling her cheap. She needed some work - the a/c had issues as did the heater (not a big deal here) and the clutch needed some work. But for a car that was a little more than 10 years old, she had low miles and was in fairly good condition. And my mechanic wasn't going anywhere. So she became mine for a song. The funny thing is that a friend of ours who is looking for a solid used car offered me about 3x what I paid for her the other day.

I turned him down.

I like my car. Get your own.


- hfs


tri state used car said...

Wow ! Really tremendous. I was a fan of most white models. Then I got my personality here. Thanks to you.
But I couldn't understand this type of matching is both for used and new car or only for new one.
All right.. Thanks again for your super blog.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you scratch Arkansas off your list of places to drive then. Not only is 55 a huge deal but they can't be bothered to put up speed limit signs.


Homefront Six said...

Well, if there aren't any speed limit signs, I guess I can go at whatever speed I choose (within the limits of safe driving, of course).

Anonymous said...

Not without a ticket you can't. (That was my arguement but the officer wasn't buying it.)


Homefront Six said...

Well, the cop can write the ticket but the court has to uphold it. Tough to do in light of photographic evidence indicating the lack of properly posted speed limit signs.

I'd fight it tooth and nail. But I'm cranky like that.

Anonymous said...

lol, I was pulled over on a small 2 lane highway, beautifully resurfaced, in the middle of boondocks to nowhere trying to make up time getting back to the interstate. AK only posts speed limit signs going into and out of little dinky towns. Doesn't matter how far between towns it is, that is where they post them. I am assuming that a large portion of the counties revenue is made this way.

I would have had to drive for 7 hours to appear in court. It was cheaper to pay the ticket.

The same road in TX would be 70, not 55mph and I was doing 80(cause in TX you can usually add 10 and they won't even look at you;)



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