New Year

*tap tap tap*

Is this thing ON? Hmm...not sure if anyone is still reading, given the fact that it's been almost 2 months since I stopped writing. But that's ok - this blog was never about having other people read. It is just an outlet for me. And having people read it is actually a double-edged sword because I can't just spout off whatever (usually inappropriate) thought crosses my mind. So I had to step back for a bit because most of what was threatening to come out of my mouth was anything but appropriate.

However, a lot of what was frustrating me then has come to pass (doesn't it always?) and I'm in a better frame of mind now. It's that whole "bitter or better...choose a vowel" thing, you know? And I was bordering on choosing the 'i'. And that's really not who I am.

So I'm back. Kind of. We'll see how this goes. I was going to come here and write a big update but really, there isn't much TO update. Limbo is still limbo. Roof is still over our heads. Food is still on the table. Everyone is (for the most part) healthy and happy. Life is good.

I need to pop over to the homeschool blog and update that one too. That one actually WILL have updates - and pictures. Lots of pictures. Amazingly, when I'm not parked in front of computer all hours of the day, there is lots to do! Homeschooling is going well and the kids are thriving. I find myself enjoying it as well (though I also enjoyed our 2 weeks of Christmas break!) so that's good.

That's really about it. Waves are churning on the North Shore so we might be venturing up north to get some shots in the near future. I'm starting to pack my house up in case we have to vacate the island in short order here soon. Just in case. Still praying that the Army sees fit to let us remain an Army family but very much in that "pray for the best and prepare for the worst" mindset. Especially since it looks like we will be doing the move ourselves (a Personally Procured Move, according to the JFTR. Yay.). So there's that.

Saying goodbye to friends as THEY leave the island. Something I am neither good at nor a fan of. Bleh.

Anyway, it feels good to be back. I think.


- hfs


DL Sly said...

Huh? Hey, who turned the light on!? Can't a person get a little sleep around here?

BillT said...

I can't just spout off whatever (usually inappropriate) thought crosses my mind.

Ezzackly. That's what the comment threads at John's place are for.

Oh, wait.

You haven't been *there* much, either.

DL Sly said...

"I can't just spout off whatever (usually inappropriate) thought crosses my mind."

Really? Hell, I thought that was the purpose of having your own blog!

"You haven't been *there* much, either.

You noticed that too, eh? Aaalll the way over there, even. I thought it was just here on the least coast....

Homefront Six said...

When one is made to feel as though they are no longer a military spouse, it is tough to remain involved in all things military-related. At least, for me it is.

As for spouting off what comes across my mind, my family reads this, friends from church read this, and I'm pretty sure that people in my husband's chain of command read this. So no, I can't spout off like I would like to.

Pogue said...

Well, you're certainly still a milspouse in my book...

Mary said...

Good to see you back; will be sending something to your mother for you to use in the homeschooling if you see fit to do so :)

No "visual verification" hope this goes through

Annie said...

She's back! My favorite redhead - even when she isn't spouting off. Though I do love those moments of spouting off that you do so well.

And PPPPFFFFTTTT to those that act like you are no longer a military spouse. Once a military spouse, always a military spouse. With the good ones, it gets in our blood and just stays there. Sometimes like a mutant virus but it stays there.

Leslie said...

I still visit, I still read. You are still on my blogroll. {{{Hugs}}}}


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