Not that there is ever a great time to move but I have to say that shortly after the holidays is a good time to move. All of the stores have sales on containers. And, since it looks like we'll be moving ourselves, I'm buying them in bulk. You should have seen the look on the cashier's face the the other day at Target when I came through with 20 66-gallon plastic bins (they were on sale for $7 each!). I need to get back there this week and pick up some more (even though the sale is over).

The other night when I couldn't sleep (yay, insomnia!), I went through each room and listed all of the main categories of stuff in each room. Once I had that list compiled, I marked them either 'X' or 'O' - 'X' for cardboard box, 'O' for plastic container. Some things are worthy of the plastic container simply because they are rarely used and plastic containers stack up better in a garage (or storage unit) than cardboard boxes. And, around here, cockraoches LOVE cardboard. Ick. So things like linens, shoes, out of season clothing, etc. all go in plastic containers. I've already started packing stuff. I figure it's better to pack a few boxes per day for the next few weeks than get slammed 5 days out and have to pull all-nighters to get it all boxed up. Not that I won't be doing that anyway but at least I'll get a bit of a head start.

We are also on "moving box lookout" mode. Friends of ours that PCSd here at the same time we did in 2005 are now back. They just moved into their new place and I hit them up for their boxes. MacGyver is under strict orders to secure as many boxes as he can get his hands on from work or those that he sees outside of military housing. And another friend of mine works for a copier company downtown and is giving me lots of boxes as well. So the books are currently being packed. Good Lord, do we have a lot of books! I'm weeding through some and getting rid of some however, we STILL have a lot of books! And those things weigh a LOT.

Then there is Craigslist. Thank GOD for Craigslist! That is definitely adding to our savings (and decreasing our overall HHG weight). If we do wind up having to move back to SoCal and put things in storage, it will be nice to not have quite so much stuff to store.

So my house is in a near-constant state of chaos at the moment - piles of things to donate, piles of things to sell, boxes here and there. Plus the normal mess of day to day living (my people are messy. Drives me nuts but I suspect I am fighting a losing battle). I do my best to keep it neat-ish but I often feel like Sisyphus.

Right now, my biggest struggle is with The Boy. He's like Hansel - leaving a trail of toys and "stuff" everywhere he goes. I could leave the house for 48 hours and, upon my return, I could tell you exactly what he did and what he ate based on the messes he leaves everywhere he goes. It frustrates me to no end (neat-freak that I am) and I've found myself at a loss as to how to deal with him and his messes. It's to the point now that I have told him that whatever he leaves out will be thrown away. And, if the item that he leaves out is pricey, he's going to have to work to pay us back. That had an effect but I am not sure as to how long that will last. There are days where I would really like to run away - this is one of them!

MacGyver found himself having to attend a mandatory social event this past weekend. On a Sunday. A Sunday! Who does that? I understand that he's in the Army and that he's pretty much on call 24/7. But a social event? Especially when said social event came with relatively short notice. Quite frustrating and required some juggling, given the fact that he's also the Cub Scout den leader and already had a Cub Scout event planned that afternoon.

It frustrates me because we've spent the past 19 months being treated as though we were invisible but now he's expected to show up to social events. Thankfully it was short and he had a pretty good time. And the kids and I were treated to a tour of the local police station for the Cub Scout event.

I should go pack a few more boxes. I have a load of stuff to take to the thrift shop and some more plastic bins to purchase. Fun times!


- hfs

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Homefront Six said...

And my parents had that paperweight (actually, my mom probably still does!)! Too funny!


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