Dear Army...seriously?

Macgyver has not been off this island since late 2008, due to everything that's been going on. And last week (as noted below) the board decided to discharge him honorably from the Army.

We just found out today that he gets to accompany the Battalion on a 10-day training exercise to the Big Island, during which he will miss The Boy's birthday (and birthday party) as well as The Swamp Romp and a few other things.


You gotta love the Army!

At least I'll get the bed to myself for a bit. But seriously?


- hfs


Mama On The Move said...


Leslie said...

So they decide they can't "keep" him and then immediately send him out for training....yikes is right.

Starry-I'd said...

Maybe this is some sort of test. Test to see how much they are going to miss him?

Mom5Kids said...

Silly Army

Homefront Six said...

It's ridiculous. They are kicking him out but the BN can't function without him? Whatever.

I could have used him here to help pack and tackle the "honey-do" list. C'est la vie.


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