MilBlog Conference 2011 (MBC) - 2.1

Back now. Still talking about social media and the DoD. Talking about ROI/ROE - rules. Are they liberating in their clarity or constraining? The consensus is that it depends on who is implementing them.

Taming the 24/7 beast that is social media is almost un-doable.

Question: is it possible that the military has gone too far toward social media and too far away from the MSM?

Relationships are key. Bloggers and social media personnel have to build those relationships as well and harass them as much as possible.

Question: As social media matures, what might the affect be on a command staff and PAOs to take advantage of said media and inform those decisions?
As a commander, it's your responsibility that everyone have access. This isn't going away. It's a process of culture.

More coming!


- hfs

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