Norovirus = fun times

The Girl is down with what appears to be a bout with the norovirus. All the fun of a tummy bug minus the fever. She's showing signs of mild dehydration and can't keep a single thing down - not ginger ale, not ginger tea, not water. We'll try again in a short while. Her vitals are holding steady at the moment but if this continues, she may get an all-expense paid trip to the Acute Care Clinic and a reintroduction to an IV.

When she was 4 months old, she came down with bronchiolitis and the croup at the same time. Her oxygen saturation levels plummeted and she wound up spending the night in the hospital on an IV and a nebulizer. Scared the CRAP out of us. At 5 months of age, she picked up rotovirus. Back to the hospital we went; this time due to dehydration. Cue the IV again. At 6 months, it was rotovirus again. Poor kid couldn't catch a break. Back to the hospital, back on the IV. At 7 months, it was RSV. Cue the nebulizer and the IV yet again. They offered to give us our own parking spot at the hospital.

I politely declined.

Finally, we were clear of it all and, for the most part, she has been healthy ever since. She's had the typical run-ins with colds and tummy bugs but nothing remarkable. The Boy was a different story - multiple run-ins with strep until I finally convinced his pediatrician to give me the ENT consult so that they could yank his tonsils out. He has been healthy ever since. As has the girl. Until today. Poor thing.

The timing of this is curious as Hawaii has had a recent run-in of it's own with the norovirus. I'd be more suspicious if we had actually been out to eat anywhere in the last week. But we have not. So who knows where she picked it up. I'm just hoping that, if I'm going to get sick with this one, it happens sooner rather than later as I am heading to the mainland in the near future and really, REALLY don't want to be sick on my trip. Maybe I'll go share her cup of ginger ale...


- hfs


kirstieJayy said...

i am so sorry to hear she isnt well, heres hoping it passes quickly!
i have tonsillitus at the moment, so i get the whole 'wanting the tonsills out now!' thing!
also, i too have been in and out of the hospital all my life! haha.

hope youre having a wonderful day, and keep on the ginger biscuits! Kirstie'Jayyx

Homefront Six said...

KJ ~ I'm sorry you're dealing with tonsillitis. Not fun at all, especially as an adult. The Boy had had a run-in with strep every other month for two YEARS before I finally convinced his Ped. to give me the ENT consult. Once they yanked his tonsils out, I went back to said Ped with the pathology report and about smacked him upside the head with it. The ENT was aghast that the child hadn't had them out sooner due to their size and inflamed nature. The Ped acted like the ENT referral was coming out of his own pocket. Grr.

My cousin had to have hers removed at the age of 25 and it was a tough recovery. I'm glad he had his out when he was little.

I hope you're feeling better soon!!

Mary Dee said...

Hope she's feeling better; I still have my tonsils at 60+

Curtis said...

I hope that you and she are feeling better. I've done that flight home from Hawaii physical condition tradeoff in the past.


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