Wow. I just looked at the date on my last post and realized it was two weeks ago. Whoops! Sorry about that. It's the end of the school year and I'm swamped. Homeschooling is having a full-time job AND all of the responsibilities of being a "stay-at-home-mom" on top of that. Which is exactly what working parents do every day only I'm not drawing a paycheck. But it's worth every (non-existent) penny.

That being said, we are slammed with wrapping up our main subjects, figuring out what needs to be worked on over the summer (math, history), and lining up curriculum and plans of attack for the next school year. Add to that a major play production for the homeschool co-op we are involved in, the end of the Awana year, Cub Scouts, BMX (I'm riding too!), and tackling our "Hawaiian Bucket List" in the hopes that we will...eventually...one day get off this island. We actually have two lists: the beaches we want to visit (and collect sand from) and the things we want to do. Our beaches list includes:

1. Ali'i Beach
2. Bellows Beach
3. Pipeline/Ehukai Beach
4. Ko'Olina Beach
5. White Plains Beach
6. Three Tables/Pupukea/Sharks Cove
7. Sunset Beach
8. Waimea Bay
9. Mokule'ia Beach
10. Sand Island Beach Park
11. Waikiki Beach
12. Ala Moana Beach
13. Lanikai Beach
14. Kailua Beach
15. Ma'ili'ili Beach

Our "to do" list includes:
1. snorkel north shore (again)
2. hike Makapu'u light house
3. hike Koko Head
4. hike Diamond Head
5. snorkel Haunama Bay
6. skydive
7. water park
8. botanical gardens
9. play tourist in Waikiki/Honolulu
10. swap meet

There are a few other small things that we want to do as a family - things that are special to us here but not worthy of being placed on the "bucket list" simply because they are things that we enjoy on a regular basis. But that pretty much covers it and that will be the goal of our summer - to visit/accomplish as many of those items as possible before we have to leave.

Assuming that day EVER comes...


- hfs

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Starry-I'd said...

Obviously, no word yet when that will be.... It could be worse, you know. ;)


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