Oh, Toto...

Remember the other day when I said I was exchanging one mindset for the other? Yeah...it's a good thing I started to make that transition, mentally. My birthday was Friday and for my birthday, my husband informed me that he was giving me an all-expense-paid trip to...

Yep, the Army couldn't let us enjoy our great news about MacGyver's retention too long before dropping a bombshell in our laps. Not only do we get to move to the land of ruby red slippers, cows, and twisters, we get to do it in LESS THAN SIX WEEKS!

You heard right...we fly off this island around the beginning of August. I was right - they are PCSing us off this island so fast it's making my head spin. Five weeks and three days (though, really, it's five weeks flat because you can't get anything done on a Friday, the day you find out you're moving and weekends don't really count).

I suppose the quickness of it all is a blessing. It will be like ripping the bandaid off quickly - hopefully the sting will be short-lived. Personally, I think that's bunk. This one's going to hurt. Thankfully, I will be too insanely busy to really worry about it. You should see my "TO DO" list...it's a monster. And that's not counting the cleaning list (per room) or the lists for where things go:

* dump
* yardsale
* give to friends
* post office (mail ahead)
* advance shipment
* main household goods shipment

We are not doing a DITY move (thank the good Lord!!!). The Army has removed a lot of the financial incentive that used to be there for military members to move themselves from an OCONUS location which I think is an unwise move on their part. However, I am grateful (to a certain extent) that they have done so because now I don't have to pack my stuff up myself! But the realization that our packers will be here to pack up my belongings in FOUR WEEKS makes me lightheaded.

Just to give you an idea of what we're looking at, here's just the immediate "TO DO" list (in no particular order...I write things down as they pop into my head...at 3am...):

* levy brief
* TMO (transportation - to schedule the move)
* notify landlord
* set up shut off dates for utilities
* give away cardboard boxes we've been hoarding
* call screen company to come and give estimate on screen repair/replacement
* fix car (needs a few minor repairs before I ship it)
* mail homeschooling materials, BMX bikes and gear, etc.
* burn pictures and important documents to DVD
* burn additional copies for backup
* backup hard drives
* medical records - all
* school records - kids
* copy medical records - all
* new drivers' license (mine's falling apart)
* cash in change
* grass seed for bare patches
* spackle/touch up paint
* weed out STUFF
* family pictures one last time
* finish hiking/beach bucket lists
* diassemble all Lego projects and bag securely
* retain sanity

Holy cats, I'm going to go insane. Add to that list swimming lessons, piano lessons, art class, BMX practice, sign language practice (we perform the last Sunday we are here), and life in general and I think I should start mainlining caffeine and forgoing sleep completely.

Kansas. About as land-locked as I could possibly get. There's a lake. I'll be there often. I'm going to FREEZE to death. We were at the track this evening and it was breezy (yay for trade winds!) and I was in pants and a windbreaker. It was 78*, for goodness sake! And I was COLD.

I'm going to freeze. You'd think I'd never lived in Alaska for 3 years or Colorado for 5.

I'm already plotting on how to get us back here in 3 years. I'm already scoping out SpaceA flights from the surrounding Air Force and Air National Guard bases to Hawaii. I'm already scoping out Pottery Barn's catalogs and planning how to make my house into an island getaway in the middle of farmland.

I'm going to freeze.


- hfs


Pogue said...


1. At least you're missing tornado season...

2. One winter and you'll be back up to speed...

3. Panic provides good blog fodder...


Pogue said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

DL Sly said...

"We are not doing a DITY move..."

Thank goodness, cuz I don't think U-Haul makes a truck that floats. And I'm pretty damn sure that the autohauler would be an autosinker.

Kansas, huh? Hey, now you can go visit Castle Argghhh! and take a little of the frustrations of the past coupla years out on some very menacing-looking targets. Cause, yanno, they "had it comin'!"

Oh, and Happy Birthday!! Are you an auld phart yet?

Homefront Six said...

Sly ~ trust me, I can fill you in on the gory "DITY move from an OCONUS location" regulations and details. It involves a 40' shipping container, two 18-wheelers, a boat, and me in a padded room. Thankfully the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army took pity on me and chose to retain my husband and now we don't have to sacrifice my sanity in order to put food on the table. Thank GOD!

The plans for a visit to The Castle are already in full swing...John jumped on that one in a hurry.

And no, I'm not an auld phart. I have decades to go before I get to that point.

Pogue ~ so very, very true on all counts.

Oh Hell said...

A visit to the Castle will do you good!! Blow something up for me!

Curtis said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on remaining with the Army. I'm heading east on Wednesday to spend a year housesitting. Everyone in my family suggested stopping by Fort Riley and maybe even Leavenworth on the way but I look at them on google earth and what I remember of Leavenworth is gone and the only things I recognize are Main Post (built in previous era of stone and impossible to move or modify or build around so they left it alone) and the airfield.
I'm going to freeze to death but I think you'll adapt. We bought our first two sailboats in Kansas and went sailing and camping practically every good weekend at Lake Milford. This was as we pulled out of Vietnam so a different era really. Riley was on post housing schooling everything with in easy biking walking range for 5th-8th grade kids. Leavenworth was off post housing but gave 3 active kids plenty of times to walk to and from school in absolute downpours.

I'm glad to read that things are going your way!


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