6.5 years ago

I wrote this post. I just stumbled across it while looking for something else and I find myself laughing at my whining and yet completely understanding how I was feeling at that moment. I chuckled at the comment about a $5 gallon of milk. I was at the local grocery store earlier today and, without a club card, their milk was $7.89/gallon.

Let me just say "WOOHOO for COLA!".

I look at a lot of my concerns and they are quite similar to some of the concerns I have now about moving. It's nice to know some things never change. And I read how unhappy I was to be moving here (who, in their right mind, is UNHAPPY to be moving to Hawaii??? Eesh) and I contrast that with how unhappy I am to be leaving now and I pray that I settle in at our next location like I've settled in here. Well, maybe not quite so much. Or else I won't want to leave there either.

There are days when I wish MacGyver had never joined the Army. There are days when I wish that we had been like many of our friends back home and settled in our hometown. It's not like Los Angeles is a small town. We had plenty of options. And then I wouldn't have to have said goodbye to so many incredible people along the way. I wouldn't have to deal with the completely unrealistic desire to live in 4 different places at the same time. I could just stay in my Southern California bubble and be content. But then I think about all of the incredible opportunities and blessings military life has afforded us over the past 13 years and I cannot begrudge that. I know I'll miss it when it's gone.

Our time here is getting short and I find there's a war going on inside myself: the desire to withdraw from anyone and anything here because it will make leaving slightly easier and the desire to skip sleeping for the next 3 weeks so I can soak up as much as humanly possible of this place and the people I love.

Sleep is overrated. Highly overrated.


- hfs


Leslie said...

When you get all moved in to your new place, if you want some beer posters for wall decor, let me know - we do the printing for New Belgium and have all of the posters as they come in season. Good luck and wishing you a uneventful move!!!

Homefront Six said...

Leslie ~ it's funny you say that because I just got done taking down the ones I had framed years ago as an anniversary gift to my husband. I need to dust them :) We have Fat Tire, Sunshine Wheat, Abbey, Trippel, and Blue Paddle. I have another one (not sure which one) upstairs that I ordered a while back that I need to have matted and framed.

Too cool that you guys do the printing!!!

Crista said...

I think you need a 1554 and 2 Below poster. I know I do!! lol

Homefront Six said...

I think the one I have (still in the box) upstairs is 1554. I'll have to look!

More importantly, I need access to those beers for MacGyver!

bejellyfish said...

Sheesh! Can I have a beer poster too? We don't really drink too much, but I bet New Belgium has some really gorgeous posters. I have some Torrani posters that I got from a coffee shop about 7 years ago that I can't wait to frame and put up in our kitchen.

Homefront: I really loved this post. Although I am pretty excited about moving to Hawaii, and even more excited about being with my man, I still am a little nervous about the life that I am signing up for. I'm glad he is in the Air Force, and I'm excited about all of the people we're going to meet and experiences we are going to have... but I am still weary of the 'What if's' and the other hardships we will/might run in to. Reading this message is so encouraging to me. It is also a message I keep hearing from so many military "dependents"... It is a hard but fulfilling life and if you love the one your with, it is worth it in the end. Thanks SO MUCH! for sharing this!

Homefront Six said...

The posters are actually quite inexpensive off the NBB website (and then they have to order more from Leslie's company!). The matting and framing was pricey but that's because they are a non-standard size and I had to have the mattes and frames custom-made.

I don't drink either. But MacGyver loves Fat Tire and we both love Fort Collins and Colorado so I love the posters!

As for military life, I've never really disliked it. Actually, I love it. There are aspects I dislike a lot but overall, I wouldn't trade my life as a military spouse for any other life. Except maybe that of an Air Force spouse ;) Shorter deployments and better golf courses! There was a time not so long ago that it looked like MacGyver might be facing the end of his military career and that had me heartbroken. I know all good things come to an end but we're not yet ready.

We've lived in incredible places (Alaska! Hawaii! Alabama...eh, not so much) and met amazing people and had unforgettable experiences. I'm sure a lot of that would have been true had we stayed put in SoCal but not on this scale and not with this level of pride in the privilege of serving our country. Yes, there are sacrifices to be made but that's true of any profession - military or civilian. If you can live with them and see beyond them to the blessings that are there, great. If not, then it's time to move on. That's the beauty of a volunteer force.

I love my life. It's going to hurt like hell to leave here but only because being here has been so incredible.

Curtis said...

For what it's worth, Fort Riley was a Happy Time (you may take that from one who is the same age as your children) We really enjoyed that place and were heartbroken at the end to learn that after just 2 years there we had to move to Newport, RI.

Lifelong friends. They could go anywhere in the world and stay with friends and their friends could stay with them. I drove away from San Diego following the I-15 to Las Vegas and north to Utah before heading to Denver and I80 north of that. If one goes too far north one gets into the Black Hills where Mt. Rushmore waits and there are a lot of other good spots. I had been to them all before and was in a hurry to meet a deadline but if one has time, they are well worth a diversion of a lifetime for children.


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