Adventures in Moving - Dominating the list

The "dominating the 'to do' list series" continues throughout the week. Today was somewhat of a down day as The Boy is sick. Probably just a virus but enough to throw a wrench into the works. And, after not having slept well for the past few days, I was dragging today as well. Not that I didn't get anything done...I just didn't do as much.

The list is much shorter now. Here's the bulk of what's left:

~ schedule shut off of water (everything else is done)
~ scan pics and important documents, burn 3 discs (1 in safe, 1 to my mom, 1 to MacGyver's parents) for safekeeping/backup purposes
~ pick up my medical records (kids are already in MacGyver's possession)
~ make copies of all medical records
~ pick up school records
~ mail homeschool materials ahead of us
~ call dentist to cancel fall appts.
~ call new dentist and set up fall appts
~ pull clothes out of kids' old dresser
~ fix old dresser, give to friend
~ start setting aside what goes in suitcases/on plane
~ finish taking down wall decor
~ finish spackling
~ touch up paint (hopefully we have the right color)
~ dump run
~ clean oven and stovetop
~ replace switchplates
~ wipe down all baseboards
~ clean upstairs windows and screens
~ box up things to which we still have original boxes

With regard to the kids' room, I've pretty much left that one alone. I didn't want to disrupt their space until the last minute. Everything else is a bit chaotic and out of sorts and they are both beginning to show signs of it getting to them. So I am doing my best to minimize the disruption in their space. Next week, I will begin, in earnest, to pack up and organize their room. The movers are set to start packing next Friday so I'm aiming to have their room pretty much done by Wednesday evening. That will give me Thursday to tie up loose ends and whatnot.

The majority of the pro gear is set aside and/or boxed up. I went ahead and boxed up the homeschooling stuff because I had the boxes to do so and it was pretty easy. So that's all sitting pretty in a corner of my living room.

Rental car reservations are made on both ends. MacGyver insists on taking full advantage of the fact that our airline allows us EACH 4 bags up to 70# a piece. That's 1,120# of luggage. So I rented a truck. a full-sized truck. On both ends. He doesn't think this is necessary ("We can make more than 1 trip!") but I do and I'm not budging. The last thing I want to do on my last day on this island is sit at the airport with luggage, waiting for him to go back and get the rest of it. No thanks. Not unless I have a mango mojito in my hand, thankyouverymuch. So I rented a full-sized truck. The BMX track and one of my favorite beaches is just a few short miles from the airport. I plan to watch the sunset at that beach and then meander my way to the terminal to drop off luggage and the rental car (truck). I plan to walk through security, trailing sand off my slippahs as I go. I'm being forced to leave this island against my wishes so I plan to go out MY way.

That being said, I'm already planning my trip back here. A few of my kids from church are graduating this coming school year so I will head back for that as well as a few other things that will be going on around that time of year. I already have dates planned and frequent flier miles are being accrued as I type. My hope is that I can manage to get back here for a few weeks at a time each year. I'm choosing to see our next duty station as though I were going away to college. I'll go, have a great time, make some friends, and then come home. Yep, sounds like a plan.


- hfs

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bejellyfish said...

Congratulations on accomplishing more of your list. Also, a word to the wise. I know you're an experience traveler and Hawaiian...

make sure you wear your sunblock before you get on a plane for that over the ocean flight. I made a mistake of burning my tushy off at Bellows and exhausting myself all day before climbing on the plane back over here. I wasn't feeling too bad till we got up in the air and then I realized I totally dehydrated myself between the burn and the swimming and the altitude.


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