Adventures in Moving - Doors and windows

I wallowed pretty good last night about the Perfect House falling through. And I'm kind of still wallowing. However, like my Godmother said yesterday, when one door closes a window opens. My friend who lives where we are headed found another house on Craigslist (what in the world did we DO before Craigslist?) and this one - while not "Perfect" in the built-in-1918-and-completely-remodeled-on-an-acre-of-land sense - is even better in that it is NOT surrounded by every pedophile and sex offender in the state and it's all of 3 blocks from said friend!

Still within our budget, a little smaller than we were looking for but not as small as the house we live in now. Not horribly far from post but not right outside the gate either. So we'll see. I dropped a note to the realtor that's managing it and I'm waiting to hear back from her. However, even if this house doesn't work out, we have the RV and there is a lake nearby that has RV slots and hookups so we can park there for as long as necessary until we find the right house.

In addition to planning this move, I'm also trying to plan our upcoming school year. Obviously, it's going to get off to an unorthodox start, given the fact that we'll be homeless and on a month-long road trip for the first few weeks of the school year. I currently have 5 Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes packed and ready to ship to SoCal ahead of us so that we have all of our school stuff with us on the road. Not sure how much of it all we'll get done but we can try. For science this year, I am piecing together a botany/horticulture/gardening/chemistry curriculum. This was originally centered around the Perfect House's existing vegetable garden and fruit trees but now we will include carpentry in there (building elevated beds for the garden) and our PE unit will include digging up grass, raking, hoeing, tilling, mulching, etc. I've ordered a few books including Apologia's Botany text (and notebook) so we'll see how this comes together. I'm looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor (pun intended)!

I should hit the sack as the "TO DO" list is still in existence and needs some more attention tomorrow. I was able to take down the decorative towel racks in preparation for Spackle Saturday and was also able to set up shut-off dates for our utilities. Two more things marked off. More tomorrow.


- hfs


Curtis said...


We parked ourselves at a house in Wakefield while waiting on post housing. It was a B&B run by a very nice lady and right next to the lake.

bejellyfish said...

I LOVE that you homeschool! My fiance was homeschooled and if we ever decide to have children I've already laid down the law that my children aren't going to schools, they are staying home to learn where they will get a real education! I love your science unit, it sounds practical and like a lot of fun!

Good luck in continuing the fight to find the perfect for you house!

bejellyfish said...

Also, are you headed for McConnell? I'm sure you have already talked to many people around there and have an idea of where you want to be, but my family on my mothers side all live over there and raised their wonderful children there. They all live and went to school (and now teach) in the Rose Hill area as well as the Augusta area outside of Wichita. Very quite and lots of opportunity for quite areas, although it seems that Wichita is growing out rapidly!

Homefront Six said...

I wish I were headed to McConnell. We are Army so no Air Force bases for us. Thankfully we have several friends in the area - one of whom has been a godsend in the house-hunting department. We're trying to balance MacGyver's commute time (we've been spoiled both here and at our previous duty station where his commute was less than 10 minutes) with our desire for some space/land and my desire for a relatively up to date kitchen/schoolroom/guest bedroom/non-70's decor. Oh, and a garage. And no homeowner's association.

We still have a good 6 weeks before we get there so that's plenty of time for us to find the gem we're looking for.

I'm a public school teacher by trade and I've not completely ruled out my children going back to public school (nor have they). But it was necessary last year, they enjoyed it, *I* enjoyed it, and we decided to do it again this year. At the end of this year, assuming we're living somewhere with decent schools, we'll reassess and see where things stand in terms of homeschool or public school.

I've learned never to say never.

pontes said...

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