Adventures in Moving Part...something

Evidently the process of chewing bark into wood pulp in order to make their own paper upon which to print MacGyver's orders has become more efficient and we now have orders in hand. And we have pack out dates. Two weeks from now, every one of my OCD tendencies will be assaulted and cardboard will, once again, rule my life. I hate cardboard. If it were up to me, the Army would use Rubbermaid Toughneck containers instead of cardboard.

But it's not up to me.

We're hoping the Army will take pity on us and extend out departure date by about a week, giving us time to take full advantage of TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance...10 days of hotel expenses covered. Which is different than TLE - Temporary Lodging Expense - which is pretty much the same thing but on the mainland, not overseas. I have no idea WHY they can't call them the same thing when, really, they ARE the same thing. But whatever.). And actually, we're not taking advantage of it. We'll be staying with friends and SAVING the Army those 10 days of TLA. So it's actually in their best interest to let us stay here a few extra days. I can rationalize ANYTHING.

The real reason is that I am not ready to leave yet. Like the teenager that mumbles, sleepily, "just 5 more minutes, mom" when rousted for the morning, I'd like a few more days. There are hikes to be hiked, beaches to be sampled, a water park that hasn't had the pleasure of our presence in 2 years, restaurants to be enjoyed one last time. And I don't want to be *that person* that runs around like a chicken with my head cut off up until the last 2 hours of my time here on the island. I'd much rather stroll in to the airport, mai tai in hand (until we get to security and then I'll chug it in front of the TSA agent), sand sloughing off my feet and my suit still wet.

We're trolling Craigslist and ahrn.com for housing once we get to Kansas but only half-heartedly. Right now, we're all harboring thoughts of time in Grandma and Grandpa's pool, time at the cabin, In-N-Out, and a 2,500 mile road trip in the RV. MavGyver used the road trip (and his whole flying gig) as an excuse to buy a used iPad. Currently, The Boy and The Girl are involved in a deadly game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets to use it for the next 38 minutes. I forsee buying a referee's jersey and a whistle before this fun is up. Whee.

I should wrap this up and get back to weeding out, sorting, etc. Yard sale is next weekend. Then the countdown begins (as does MacGyver's clearing post). I feel like I'm forgetting something in the grand scheme of things and plans but, for the life of me, cannot figure it out. Oh, well. It will come to me.

As I'm sitting on the beach, sipping my mai tai.


- hfs


DL Sly said...

You can also check out this site. This is where I found the place we're living in right now.

Homefront Six said...

I <3 you, Sly! I've already found a couple of places that fit our preferences. Sweet!

Michaele said...

Glad to know another awesome blogger and military sister is moving to Oz! Lived at Riley for two years, am now at LVN~ not too far away. Safe travels, don't strangle the packers, and keep your laptop handy so you'll blog instead of using your hands to grab whatever utensil might be handy with which to smack people.

Unfortunately, it's heat index time, when it's 99 degrees outside but it feels like it's 115.

Homefront Six said...

Michaele ~ do you know John of Castle Argghhh! fame? He's at LVN too.

We're hoping our extension gets us into Oz shortly AFTER the heat index part of the year. I don't miss that from my years in SoCal. Not one bit!

Michaele said...

I had no idea he was here~ very cool! Fingers crossed that the heat wave does indeed pack itself up and move out while you're enjoying your break and I'm prepping my classroom for the upcoming school year~



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