Adventures in Moving - SNAKE!

While I was out pressure washing the lanai and pathways, I found a SNAKE! In Hawaii...the state that doesn't HAVE snakes!

It's a Hawaiian Blind Snake (Google it...go ahead). The name is ironic because they really aren't blind. We hung on to him (her?) long enough to take some pictures and a short video and then put him (her?) back where we found him (her?). Hawaii has had a rash of snakes - either found or turned in - recently. I think I read that there had been 14 since January. That's a lot for an island that doesn't have snakes!

The "TO DO" list was significantly diminished and dominated by the time I was done today. As was the pressure washer which gave up after about 3 hours of solid work. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to brush my teeth in the morning. All told, here was the tally:

- 6 loads of laundry run
- 4 folded and put away (last one is in the dryer and will be folded, along with load #5, in the AM)
- dishes washed
- both tubs scrubbed
- toilets scrubbed
- 75% of concrete pressure washed
- 75% of lower half of house exterior pressure washed
- exteriors of all lower level windows washed
- tracks and interiors of kitchen windows cleaned
- car washed (not very well but enough to get the dirt from the BMX track off)
- 1 load of give-away stuff dropped off
- car loaded for errands tomorrow
- landlord called regarding screen replacements
- children kept alive and fed
- sign language practiced
- touch-up paint purchased (needs to be returned - not the right shade...grr.)

Not too shabby. Tomorrow is errands and working on the rest of the downstairs windows as well as yanking things off the walls, pulling nails, spackling, etc. Then I can start on the upstairs windows. Yay.

And we have TICKETS! Finally. So now I get to start reserving rental cars and finalizing our itineraries as we ROAD TRIP!!!! MacGyver has already started clearing so that will be a big help too. Hopefully we can get as much out of the way as possible before the movers even get here. Hopefully.


- hfs


Mom5Kids said...

Lots of things to do. Miss you already!

Love those little blind snakes, they're fascinating. A couple of years ago one, about 6 inches long, kept falling in the pool. Finally, I moved it to the front and haven't seen it since.

Those other snakes gotta go, but this one is unique and harmless.

bejellyfish said...


I'm not really frightened by snakes, I actually enjoy playing with them. In Missouri we have a lot of venomous snakes that swim in and around the lake. That being said, when I am outside I am mentally prepared to see them. When I was in Hawaii last week and we were outside hiking I kept thinking how great it was that I don't have to worry about stepping on a snake. I'm pretty sure now if I see a snake there I will fall over and scream really loud. I guess this one looks more like a worm than a snake... so it isn't as frightening. Goodness.

Congratulations on getting most of the tasks completed off of your list! Hope you don't feel too rotten after power washing all day!

Homefront Six said...

BEJ ~ you probably won't even know it when you see it. It looked just like a worm. If I hadn't seen it move (like a snake, not like a worm) I would have never realized it was a snake.

Mt5 ~ we still need to get together.


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