Bureaucratic ineptitude

My "Hurry Up and Wait" post from yesterday gets even better. After speaking with several people yesterday, all of whom were able to get their move scheduled through their respective Transportation Management Offices (TMO) with either their RFO or an "exception to policy" letter from their command, MacGyver went back into our TMO to see if they'd be willing to work with us.

He offered up his RFO. No dice.

He offered up the exception to policy letter from the Brigade Commander. No dice.

He offered up our firstborn. No dice.

He spoke to everyone's respective bosses. No dice.

So the TMO at Fort Campbell, the TMO at Fort Leavenworth, the TMO at Fort Bragg, and the TMO at Fort Lewis will all allow a move to be set up with either an RFO or the exception to policy letter but Schofield Barracks will not. I wonder if it's an OCONUS thing? I'd like to think that it is because the alternative - the fact that they just refuse to do so for no discernible reason (no, they could not give MacGyver a reason...just that it was their "policy". And no, they could not produce a reference to said "policy") - causes my blood pressure to rise to a completely unhealthy level.

We're down to 17 business days. I figure it's going to take 7-10 days for orders to arrive. Another day to get the move scheduled. When MacGyver talked to TMO yesterday, the earliest they could schedule the move was 19AUG. So, based on my best guess, the earliest we'll see the movers here is 25JUL and I think that's being optimistic. It's not completely undoable but it means that I'll be handling the packers pretty much on my own because MacGyver will be clearing post while they pack. Joy. I would definitely put this in the BOHICA category. Not a huge deal but annoying, nonetheless.

That being said, we do have room in our leave plans to accommodate a few extra days on island. I'm hoping to avoid the scenario in which we pack out in 2-3 days, run around like chickens with our heads cut off for a few days after that, trying to tie up loose ends, and run down the walkway to the plane in a panic at the last minute, exhausted. That's NOT how I intend to spend my last few days here on this island. So we may have to push our departure date back a few days. C'est la vie. Semper Gumby.

I swear, I am getting that tattooed on my butt cheek.


- hfs


Pogue said...

Welcome back to Army life... :p

Homefront Six said...


I don't get it. They operate under the same !@#$%^&*( regulations and policies as every other )(*&^%$# military installation on the planet. So why THIS TMO won't work with us (and the 3 other families ahead of us on the list...meaning they are under just as big of a time crunch as we are, if not bigger) really chaps my hide.

There will be an ICE complaint filed and letters written. AFTER we clear post.

Crista said...

If it makes you feel any better, Carson, Hood, Lewis, and Lee won't do squat with an RFO, either. Makes life sooooo awesome when time is of the essence.


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