Feast or famine

Let me start this post off with the fact that I am NOT complaining.

We were waiting to hear back from Branch as to whether we'd be allowed to stick around a few extra days to make the whole pack-your-house-and-run-around-like-a-chicken-with-your-head-cut-off scenario just a little easier. We were hoping for 5-7 days.

They gave us 17. Apparently, when we asked for 8AUG, they saw 18AUG. So that's our new departure date. Works.For.Me. We now have 17 extra days to enjoy the island - hiking, beaches, water park, friends, food, church, trade winds, etc. We went ahead and bought season passes to the water park here. Odd, given the fact that we're leaving in 5 weeks. But the cost of a pass was barely more than a 1-day admission so it made sense. We've already been once this week. We'll be going again before the week is up. And again next week. And the week after. We are also revisiting some of our favorite hikes this week while MacGyver takes some time off. He has mass leave accrued and it made sense for him to take some time off to "play tourist" and get some work done on the garage before the movers come.

My OCD is in full-swing. You'd understand if you saw my little spiral-bound notebook. It has 3 tabbed sections and I am putting each to very good use. The first section is the "to do/pertinent info" section. In it, there are the following lists:

~ master "TO DO" list
~ "To Sell" list
~ freezer contents/meal list
~ monies (moving money, deposit refunds, BAH for here and there, estimated budget for KS, estimated expenses for KS)
~ Regulation/JFTR references, just in case anyone wants to argue Pro Gear definitions with me
~ day by day lists of things that need to be done
~ rental car info

The next section is a room by room account of what needs to be done or cleaned. Each room has a page. Eventually, I will print these out and post them in each room. Yep. I'm that anal.

Last one is our packing/travelling info:

~ what to pack in luggage (1 page for each person)
~ what to ship (instead of put in luggage)
~ items for our advance shipment
~ Homeschool curriculum to ship
~ day by day travel plans
~ rental car and lodging info for travel

There are also a few handy little pockets for holding receipts, print outs of the JFTR, etc.

Right now this pretty little spiral-bound notebook is ruling my life. But at least I know what it has planned for me! And I have more time in which to get it done. Seventeen more days, to be exact!


- hfs

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Leslie said...

OMG!! You are so organized!! I am jealous. I make lists and then usually lose them. Glad you got extra time, I'm sure it will make the move much easier!!


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