Making headway

The domination of the "TO DO" list continues. The yard sale over the weekend was successful, if you don't count the two stashes of stuff I meant to put out to sell (not including the fake ficus tree)...whoops! Thankfully, I had a friend who wanted the Pampered Chef stoneware that I forgot about in the kitchen and most of what was in the box in the living room can either go to friends or church. It's amazing to me how much CRAP we've managed to accumulate over the past 6+ years (less, actually, because we've had 1 or 2 yard sales over the years).

When we moved here, we maxed out our weight limit (13,500# for a CW2). My goal is to get us to Kansas with less than what we came with. I'm not counting the motorcycle we're moving with because (much to my MIL's chagrin) it belongs to my father-in-law, not us. MacGyver managed to find a pristine 1979 Honda CBX. It's a 6-cylinder in a color that Honda did not actually offer on their initial line. He saw the ad on eBay, shot an email to his dad (he knew his dad had always been interested in them) and his dad wrote back immediately and said "SOLD!". The gentleman we bought it from was the original owner and the only thing wrong with it is that it needs the carbs cleaned. She's a beast - a good 600#. And she's loud...almost obnoxiously so. But the comments she garners are worth it ("Oh my goodness! Is that what I think it is?!?").

Anyway, she belongs to my FIL so that doesn't count. And last time we moved here, we didn't count MacGyver's tools as professional gear because he wasn't a maintainer nor was he yet a Maintenance Test Pilot. But he is now and therefore (because he does use his own tools for work) we get to count them. And all of our homeschooling materials (books, texts, school supplies, printer, laminator, computer, etc.) count as professional gear for me. That's a HUGE chunk of weight. I wish there was a bonus for coming in UNDER budget for weight! We've sold off the couch, a couple of bookcases, we're selling the dining table, a few other living room items, and a 2nd motorcycle.

Today we deposited the proceeds from the yard sale and cashed in all of our change. I paid the kids in dollars for the change in their piggy banks and, combined with our change stashes, we cashed in almost $200 in coinage! The CoinStar machine doesn't charge a fee if you opt for the Amazon.com gift card and, combined with my SwagBucks gift cards, we have enough in our Amazon account to cover the bulk of the kids' Christmas gifts this year. And, because we'll be back on the mainland, I can score free shipping, which is not usually available to me on The Rock. w00t

We're still wrangling with transportation and finance. If you live on the mainland (i.e. a CONUS location) and move to another CONUS location, you can get paid to drive two vehicles (you'll be paid less to drive the second vehicle but you'll still get paid). Not so if you're coming from an OCONUS location, even if that OCONUS location is still part of the United States. We were planning to ship our primary vehicle ahead to Kansas (well, to the nearest Vehicle Processing Center/VPC) and then drive another vehicle (which we were planning to pick up in California) to Kansas. But, if we ship the 1st vehicle to KS, we cannot be paid mileage and per diem to drive the 2nd vehicle. So, because we're coming from an OCONUS location, we're only "allowed" one vehicle. I could understand this if we were coming from Korea or Germany or another foreign country where the likelihood of bringing back a 2nd vehicle that would be legal on US roads would be less likely. But the policy as it pertains to Hawaii and Alaska is asinine.

In other news, it looks like the house we were hoping to rent when we get to Kansas might no longer be on the table. If you Google the words "registered sex offenders Junction City Kansas" you will understand why. Perfect house. Perfectly awful location. I cannot knowingly put my children in that kind of situation. It would be one thing if I had no other choice. But I do. So we're back to trolling the internet for possible rentals. I was so looking forward to driving right into the driveway of our new house when we got there. It was a great house too - 4BR, acre of land, completely remodeled, built in the early 1900s, allows dogs, garden and fruit trees, 2 car garage + workshop, etc. PERFECT. Not.

I don't "do" disappointment very well. Can you tell? Stop laughing at me. I'm incredibly bummed.

The mojo I had when I started writing this post early this afternoon was completely sapped by the information I found out about the house and the area in which we were looking to rent. So now, I think I'm going to take my disappointment and go to bed. Poo.


- hfs


bejellyfish said...

I am totally impressed my your organization and financial smarts. The Coinstar-Amazon-Christmas presents thing sounds awesome! I hope I can get my organization together when we PCS off of this island to the mainland. Sounds stressful, but rewarding in the end!

Homefront Six said...

My obsessive-compulsive organizing and list-making is simply a coping mechanism. The whole process of moving (be it military or civilian) is incredibly stressful and this is how I keep from going insane. Or try to keep from going insane.


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