Pros and Cons

No, I'm not running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Yet. That will commence in about two weeks. For now, I am soaking up as much sun and sea air and sweet Hawaiian everything that I can get my hands on. Trust me, my lobster-red skin would prove it but I refuse to post pictures here for fear that my dermatologist might see them and read me the riot act. We are making quick work of both our hiking and beach bucket lists and plan to tick off two more next week. The kids are tired - they may very well sleep during our road trip from the Left Coast to Fort Riley!

That being said, I am rather bipolar at the moment - everything I do here makes me sad in a way because I know it will be the last time I'll get to do it for a while. For instance, this is our last 4th of July celebration with our local friends and family. We do the same thing each year and it's always a lot of fun. This year it will be quite bittersweet. Then again, each of the past three 4th of Julys have been bittersweet in their own way, given the fact that I expected each to be our last as a military family. This year, it is more sweet than bitter but it's still our last one here for a while.

However, that just motivates me to enjoy each experience more. I wonder if that's what it's like for people who find out they have X amount of days/weeks to live? Does it make each experience sweeter? Or sadder? Or both? I'm going to miss so much about this place...some obvious, some not so much. Here's a partial list:

* the beaches
* the hiking
* the food
* the people
* slippahs in December
* shorts in December
* thinking that 78* is cold
* beaches in December
* trade winds
* humidity
* the hole in the wall joints that we've discovered
* snorkeling/diving
* the pineapple
* the mangoes, papaya, lychee, and avocados from friends' yards
* pineapple
* Dole Whip
* malasadas
* sleeping with the window open 24/7/365
* no snakes!
* tropical storms
* how fascinating lightning is here (it doesn't happen often)

And yet, I find myself getting slowly excited about our time on the mainland. I am choosing to approach this as I would if I were fresh out of high school and headed to the mainland for college: excited about the adventure, sad to leave family and friends, and planning to return when I'm done. My list of things I am looking forward to grows each day. Here's some of it:

* ROAD TRIPS!!!!!!!
* snow (ask me again in January and I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune)
* fleece
* Colorado State football games!!
* flannel sheets
* sledding
* New Belgium beer (for MacGyver, not me)
* being an 8 hour drive from Colorado
* being close to several milblogging friends
* being closer to family
* Cherry Limeades
* arid climate (compared to HI...it will be so nice to not have frizzy hair!!!)

But the biggest - and best - blessing of all is that we remain a military family. God is so good.


- hfs

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