Project ValOUR-IT

I have been remiss in highlighting the Project ValOUR-IT fundraising competition that is currently taking place. I apologize. This year, the fundraising campaign has been moved from November to July. Currently, as of this writing, Team Army has raised $13,000+ of the $25,000 it hopes to raise by July 14th. There are 136 wounded servicemembers waiting for a laptop - a laptop that your donation could provide. It's the least we can do.

There are some incredible posts out there. Every year, my fellow milbloggers completely knock my socks off with their eloquence, their honesty, their insight, and their wit. This year, my friend Chuck posted his mother's thoughts on her son's injuries and his subsequent recovery - a recovery that resulted in the existence of Project ValOUR-IT. Alice is AMAZING. I've met her once and I thought she was a saint simply for raising Chuck, let alone how she supported him during his recovery. Her story is humbling and inspiring. Go, read it, and then donate to this incredible cause.

I am.


- hfs

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