When I grow up, I want to be...

...a paramedic. Seriously. When I was living in SoCal, I took the EMT-B course, LOVED IT, and then promtly moved to Colorado (never taking my NREMT exam) where they paid EMT-Bs a whopping $6.50/hour. I could make almost double that coaching so I never worked as an EMT.

Fast forward to the year 2000. I'm living in Alaska, working as a teacher, and I find that UAF has an EMT program during the summer. PERFECT! I get all signed up to redo the course and possibly put it to some actual USE (in addition to taking the NREMT exam) and I find myself pregnant. UAF prohibits (and rightfully so) women who are pregnant from taking the course. Phooey.

Fast forward to 2006. The city and county of Honolulu find themselves in a predicament. They are short on EMTs and paramedics. So they decide to start paying people to take the EMT courses. Sadly, that one didn't work out for me.

Fast forward again to 2009. I find that there is an EMT/Paramedic program at one of the community colleges but it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY downtown and it's a semester-long, 5 days/week, 8-10 hours per day program. Plus (at the time) it looked like MacGyver was deploying and that would mean my children would see their daycare providers more than they saw their parents. I couldn't do that, especially amidst the upheaval that a deployment brings. And then life came crashing down around me and all thoughts of taking the EMT course were set aside.

There's a glimmer of hope on the horizon in that there are several accredited EMT programs in the state of Kansas and I'm hoping and praying I can find one that works for me and my family. We'll see.

The reason I type all of this out is to illustrate what a NERD I am. I have a substantial first aid kit. Just because I never took the NREMT exam doesn't mean I've forgotten the things I've learned. In addition, I work with the youth at church and my family and I do a lot of outdoor activities, including BMX riding, (plus I am the parent of a 7 year old boy) so I find that I need a little more than your average first aid kit. So I took my cues from a PA friend of mine and put together my first aid kit. It's nothing too special...I don't have DermaBond or anything cool like that but I do have gauze pads, steri-strips, butterfly bandages, my CPR mask, a lot of gloves, a bunch of common meds (Motrin, Benadryl, Tylenol, etc), etc. If I really wanted to get adventurous, I could steal MacGyver's Combat Lifesaver kit and put that in there but I don't know how to start an IV yet so that's probably not going to do me a lot of good.

But that's not the nerdy part.

The nerdy part is this: I had to get a new bag for my kit this weekend. I had a chem ice pack blow on me in the bag and the chemicals destroyed the zipper of the toiletry bag that was my kit bag. So I found a new bag - ironically (no, not intentionally) it's a Swiss Army bag. Complete with pretty little red cross. It was all they had at Target that wasn't a big POS. So I spent the evening transferring all of my first aid stuff from the destroyed bag to the new bag. I checked all of the expiration dates, made sure I had restocked things from when The Boy split his head open, and added in a few things as well. It's all good to go and I am quite proud of myself.

Now, just to find a class I can take so I can put my nerdiness to work!


- hfs


Pogue said...

Speaking from experience, the longer you chase a dream, the sweeter it is when you catch it. You'll get there.

DL Sly said...

"When I grow up..."

While I may not have a say in the whole growing *old...errr* thing, I absolutely refuse to grow up.

Homefront Six said...

Growing OLD is mandatory. Growing UP is optional.

I just heard back from one of the EMT programs in the area to which I am headed and they have classes that look like they might just work for me! I might need to find a sitter or a friend who can watch my children on some evenings, depending on MacGyver's work schedule, but I can DO this!!! I'm so freaking excited, I can't see straight! I won't be able to take classes in the fall but I should be able to get to it in the spring. WOOHOO!!!!!

Michaele said...

Yay, yay, YAY for you!

(And still so funny- while I'm in Oz now, I'm originally from..... Alaska. Taught for 10 years in Fairbanks. Left thanks to Uncle Sam in 2003. Small world!)


Homefront Six said...

I taught in Alaska too! From 99-01 when my daughter was born. I never thought I'd say it but I miss Alaska. So does MacGyver - the flying there was amazing!


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