Adventures in Moving - Road Trip 2011 (part 1)

It's been a week since we left Paradise and the start of Road Trip 2011 is about here. For those that don't know the plan, we are taking MacGyver's parents' RV and hitting the road to Kansas, although it's the scenic route. We're heading north to see friends and family. Then we'll meander our way south and west, stopping off in Colorado to see more friends (and eat Beau Jo's pizza!!!) before heading to the Sunflower State.

Our week here in The Land of Fruits and Nuts has been...odd. I haven't lived here since MacGyver was at Basic/AIT in the late 90s and I feel like quite the foreigner in my own hometown. Not a fan of that feeling. We packed the kids' BMX bikes in our plane luggage so we have them with us and have been checking out the local BMX tracks. They are quite different from our home track on Oahu (where else can you ride BMX bikes by the OCEAN?) but different doesn't always mean bad. The people have been incredibly kind and welcoming, the tracks have been a lot of fun, and it has been great to experience BMX riders and their families outside of our paradise.

While we've been here, we've had the chance to hit LegoLand and spend some time up in Big Bear. I had forgotten how much I love the mountains. The smell of a Jeffrey Pine is probably one of my favorite smells on this planet.

Now we're back home and loading up the RV for our road trip. As we load our stuff on the RV, all I can envision is Cousin Eddie.

Oh, Eddie... If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now.

Just so you can get a visual, here's a picture of our tenement on wheels.

That's not actually a picture of ours - just one that is similar. We drove it to the BMX track last night to get a feel for it...well, MacGyver drove it. I did not. Driving something that big in Los Angeles traffic makes my stomach tie up in knots. I should be good on the open road but LA traffic in town is stupid nuts. Not to mention the fact that they are doing work on I-5 and the shoulders are all tore up so the lanes seem even more narrow. I was a basket case going out to the track last night. I keep reminding myself that I've driven a U-Haul truck in this traffic and that, if 65 year old men (and women) can drive these things, so can I but I might need a Xanax to do so.

Thankfully, MacGyver found the manual for the RV and it has a very helpful graphic on the front to help remind me of my role in this road trip.

You can't see her feet but I'm pretty sure she's barefoot. And that skirt hides the fact that she's pregnant too. Cracked me up.

I have pictures from our time in San Diego and Big Bear but I've not yet edited them. I'll get them up a little bit later. Right now, it's 110 degrees outside right now and the pool is calling my name.


- hfs


Aloha Ya'll! said...

Does that RV manual include delicious recipes you can whip up in no time?

Homefront Six said...

No but the fabulous "Cooking on Wheels" (circa 1958) cookbook that my MIL has sure does!

Pogue said...

I'd be interested in some of those recipes... I'm more and more convinced that the answer to the "obesity epidemic" is reinstating 1950's home economics classes in school and making it mandatory for all students. Particularly the meal planning and cooking parts.

Have a fun road trip!

Homefront Six said...

Pogue ~ I think that's part of it but I think you'd make more of an impact (with less output) if you eliminated high fructose corn syrup from the American diet. I guarandamntee you that date of the addition of HFCS to our foods DIRECTLY corresponds to the increase in obesity rates. I would also hazard a guess to say that the decrease in non-structured play time (i.e. recess) at the elementary and middle school/junior high school level has also played a big part.

Not the only variables but two of the biggest.


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