Because moving isn't fun...

...unless you're SICK. Breakfast today was Sudafed + Motrin + caffeine. The breakfast of champions. Keep in mind, I rarely get sick. Usually I get one cold per year - which blesses my family by taking away my voice - and that's about it. Occasionally throughout the year I might get the sniffles or a sore throat but rarely do they bother me and rarely do they require medicine or rest (beyond my normal).

Apparently, my immune system was boxed up somewhere along the line and now I am sick. Not enough to warrant staying in bed but enough to make me feel like poo and take pills. I can't hear out of my left ear. I am hacking like a life-long smoker, I can't take a deep breath without hacking like said smoker, I can barely breathe through my nose (I HATE mouth breathing), and my throat hurts. Fun times, I tell you. Fun times. So drugs it is.

The movers did their walk-through yesterday. YESTERDAY. They were supposed to start packing us out TODAY. Nothing like being on the ball, yeah? Amazingly they opted to start packing us out Monday. The guy estimates that we have (between the two of us) 4,000# of professional gear. Impressive. We'll see how that affects out total weight once all is said and done. Because of that, I have no fear that we will come in under weight. Yay for pro gear!

My house looks like a tornado hit it and it's driving me street-rat crazy. I avoid the living room like a cockroach avoids light. All of the major cleaning (pressure washing, washing the walls in the kitchen and bathrooms, cleaning windows and tracks, etc.) is done and we've done all of the move-out repairs that were on our list other than touch up paint. This place will be in better shape than it was when we moved in and that's how I like it. In the meantime, I stay in the kitchen (the one room that is still somewhat tidy and orderly) and pretend not to notice the rest of the house.

Fun times!


- hfs


Pogue said...

When it gets really bad there's always the Rolaids and a beer breakfast... :-) Hope you feel better soon!

Curtis said...

May you be well soon.

I've been amazed reading your posts of late about clearing quarters. Not even Army quarters. I remember them. Is that a speck on your/the Army's broiling pan?!!!! Is that a fingerprint there on the mirror?!!!!

I don't know where the Army got those dragons but they were utterly without mercy and as empty of the milk of human kindness as a chimney.

Homefront Six said...

Actually, our experience clearing military quarters has been better than clearing off-post/private housing. Granted, the last time we lived in government quarters was before the privatization took place on post.

Our landlord here is a nitpicker. We watched him nitpick the previous tenants to death when they handed keys over. Every speck of dust was questioned. He wanted the husband to climb up on the roof (mind you, all of their HHG were already packed and on a boat!) to clean a window he didn't think was clean enough. What makes me laugh is the fact that the carpet is O-L-D and the interior paint looks like it was thrown on by a blind 4-year old. But dirt in the tracks of the windows is an issue. Go figure.

Part of is also the fact that I can't stand for a place to be dirty when *I* move in so I don't want this place to be dirty for whoever moves in here next.

Rolaids and beer? Ugh. No thanks. Can't stand either of them!

The Sniper said...

Can't. Stand. Beer? You're dead to me. JK.

Well, at least you've learned to stay in the kitchen. *ducks*


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