California dreamin'

Forgive the absence, if you will. We've been out and about. We loaded up the rent-a-dent and took off south. Hit a new (to us) BMX track in San Diego and had a blast. While it's not our usual (where else can you find a BMX track on the OCEAN? Nowhere.) it was a great ride. The track owner has done copious research into what materials make for the best track surface and it shows - hard packed, good drainage. minimal dust, even in SoCal.

The Girl managed to eek her way into the mains after the two front-runners managed to get tangled up a mere 5 feet from the finish line in moto 3. Herself being several feet back from said front-runners (both male) cruised on past them and into the main event. Her father and I appreciated the universe's reinforcement of our advice to never give up, even when you're in last place. She was thrilled to take home her 3rd place trophy.

The Boy, after taking first place in all 3 of his motos, took a header in the main event. It was a total point race so he walked away with a 2nd place trophy even though he finished last in the main event. His fingers are a little worse for the wear, given the fact that his gloves are shredded and he needs new ones. But he'll heal up. They both had a good time and ranked the track "the second-best track we've ever raced on!". Never mind that they've only ever raced at two tracks...

We hit LegoLand (second time for the kids, first time for MacGyver) and had a great time. My favorite is MiniLand and I especially adore the Star Wars area. I often wonder how one becomes a designer for LegoLand - I could do that all day long, even if they never paid me! It took us most of the day but we finally convinced The Boy to go on a roller coaster. He was quite hesitant at first but once we got him on, we couldn't get him OFF! I wish we had time to get him to Magic Mountain before we have to leave but I don't think we have the time. They each were able to select a set/toy from the gift shop before we left and that took longer than any of the rides! The Girl and her father spent a good 30 minutes trying to use Braille to figure out which minifigure was in each package - they each had specific ones they wanted.

Then it was off to the mountains for a few days. MacGyver's parents have a cabin up in the mountains and it was great to just crash for a bit. I had forgotten how much I love the smell of the mountains - the Jeffrey Pine tree's scent is amazing. MacGyver and I both agree that we could easily spend the rest of our lives in the mountains. And the number of foreclosures in the area is staggering - plenty of properties that we could turn into a home. We hiked up some trails, learned a little bit about the Gold Rush history of California, spotted 1,942 lizards, learned about the different kinds of pine trees in the area, examined an old log cabin, learned how gold ore was ground out, and saw some amazing scenery.

I would post pictures but my husband is hogging the cameras and all I'm left with is my cell phone, which takes decent pictures but getting them from my phone to this blog is a little more time-consuming than I care to mess with. He took lots of pictures so I'll upload some of them here once he gives up the flash card.


- hfs

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