I hate this part

So the movers are here for their final day of packing and loading. They've been wonderful - quick, efficient, friendly, and they brought great music! - and I would recommend Precision Moving and Storage, Inc. to anyone. They did the living room, outside stuff, and garage (pack AND load) the first day, which was an impressive feat, especially given the fact that there are only 3 guys. Yesterday they hit the bedrooms, bathrooms, and office (as well as the linen and art closets). Today it's the kitchen and then they are done.

I got so busy yammering that I forgot to write about the part I hate. Even though the house is packed up, there's all that minutiae left to deal with - the things that need to be given to people, the trash that needs to be taken to the dump, the random things that the movers (and we) missed, luggage, etc. And no matter how hard you try to get rid of it all, it's never-ending. You'd think that, with less crap in the house, you'd have an easier time clearing it out. Nope. Annoying.

When we arrived on island, we had 13 crates of stuff. We came in at a gross weight of 13,795#. From that, they deduct 10% for packing materials as well as all of the "pro gear" weight. So we were under our allotted weight limit for MacGyver's rank. Usually people tend to accumulate stuff while they are settled and that's one of the upsides of moving frequently - you tend to purge frequently. We've been here 6 years so my concern was that we'd blow our weight limit. But it seems that, even before deducting for pro gear, we should be ok. Right now, I think we're actually going to leave here with fewer crates than we came with. THAT would be impressive, especially if you know my husband. Update: I was right. We came with 13 crates. We're leaving with 12.5 crates. Works for me!

The day that our HHGs (household goods) were delivered in 2005, I realized that I couldn't understand a word that the movers were speaking to each other. When they spoke to us, I could but I couldn't understand their conversations amongst themselves. They weren't speaking full Pidgin but it was close. Fast-forward 6 years and not only can I understand what they are saying, I could probably throw out a little Pidgin of my own if I weren't worried I'd look like an idiot. Amazing what you pick up. I can only imagine what it's like to live in a foreign country for 6 years and how much of the language you pick up when you're immersed in it. Makes me want to go live in Italy!

Even though the majority of our HHGs are in boxes, in crates, on a truck or in a warehouse, this house is FAR from empty. And I'm realizing my husband does not understand the concept of traveling lightly. The kids and I each have a suitcase. Just one. And their suitcases are not nearly full, even with their pillows in the suitcase. Mine is more full but nowhere near it's limit. MacGyver, on the other hand, has the following:
- a suitcase (full)
- a garment bag (full)
- a box of PTs and Army undergarments
- a box of electronic-y stuff (wireless router, hard drive with all of our backups, and other electronic-y stuff)
- another box of something else that I've since forgotten what it's contents are.

And that's in addition to the kids' BMX bikes (another box) and their race gear (helmets, armor, clothing, goggles, etc.) (another box). Oh, and we have a suitcase of shoes. I'm sure there another box or suitcase floating around here somewhere. We're going to look like the Clampitts getting to the airport. And people wonder why I rented a full-sized pick up truck...

The kids are each struggling with the move in their own way. The Girl, who had been SO anxious to get this show on the road a few weeks back, is now quite sad over the idea of having to say goodbye to everyone. I wondered when that reality would hit. The Boy is a typical 7-year old homebody. He burst into tears when the movers packed up his XBOX 360. He burst into tears again when he realized that there was nothing to eat in the fridge. He burst into tears again when the last apple was eaten. he burst into tears when he lost a game he was playing with his sister on the iPad. He's out of his element and he's not happy about it. And, as excited as he was to get going, he's also sad at the thought of having to say goodbye to his friends. He's only ever known Hawaii and I have a feeling that the excitement of snow is going to wear off quickly this winter. Moving is stressful and I don't envy them. I lived in the same house my entire life, only moving out at the age of 18 to go to college. And only because my parents forced me to because they were retiring and moving back east. If it were up to me, I wouldn't have moved out until I got married. Can you sense my intense dislike of change? A GREAT trait in a military spouse, isn't it?

We're cleaning as the movers clear a room so we're ahead on that part of the game plan. And we have a bunch of friends from church coming over in a few days to help us do the final clean. Then we'll hand the keys over and be on vacation! We have a list of places we want to eat before we leave as well as a few last "bucket list" items to take care of. And then we begin the next saga in our Adventures in Moving series: Road Trip 2011. Fun times.

Baseboards are calling my name to be wiped down so I am off.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

i can remember when you came home from college and said, "mom, tell me to move to TN with you guys.".

i was smart and told you, "not in this life time. i never want to hear you throw at me that i dragged you to TN.".

DL Sly said...

"i was smart and told you, 'not in this life time. i never want to hear you throw at me that i dragged you to TN.'."

Now shirley you jest, a "Red head with the ability to hold a grudge and a conversation at the same time." would *never* do something like that!
*snort snort*

airforcewife said...

Were AFG and Macgyver separated at birth? Because I traveled with just carry-on this week and still had room for all the souvenirs in my bag.

Someone else... didn't.

Homefront Six said...

AFW ~ I thought we had already established that! He kills me. I mean, I get that he has to travel with uniforms - enough that he can function at work for them in the event that we're stuck in temp lodging for 81 days like we were when we arrived on island. (and we didn't send off an advance shipment this go-round...no point in doing so since we're taking leave between here and there). And I get that he's a bigger guy therefore his clothes are bigger and take up more space.

But 9 bags/boxes? Eesh.

As for moving to TN, I'm glad I didn't. But the only thing I am holding a grudge over is the fact that you sold MY house. ;-)

Annie said...

The Clampitts. Hee hee. And by the way, the TV Clampitts spelled their name Clampett. Minor nitpick from .... well, you know.

BillT said...

Look at it this way -- you'll be thousands of miles closer to the 2012 MilBlogCon...


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