Adventures in Moving - Road Trip 2011 (part 2)

We've managed to survive 3 days of our road trip thus far. No one has been killed, no children have been offered to the Gypsies, and no obscenities have been yelled. However, we're only about 1/2 way there. We've had some major changes in our plans, starting off with deciding not to drive the RV up to the Pacific Northwest. Given our experiences over the past three days, I'd say that was a wise decision on our part. Let me recap.

We were aiming to leave SoCal around 9am (entirely too late in my opinion but it had it's upsides). Between the last minute minutiae (I LOATHE minutiae of any kind) and a blown fuse that prevented the inverter from, well, inverting (and thus powering our assorted electronics), we didn't really get on the road until 1030am. And that was after being accosted by two of the grumpiest old men I've had the displeasure of coming across in the Costco parking lot.

When the kids and I landed back in SoCal, MacGyver picked us up...in MY car!! We could only ship it to SoCal on the military's dime and we were going to pay our of pocket to ship it on to Kansas because it wasn't due to get to SoCal until after we had left. But it arrived EARLY. I was so excited to see it! And, since we had it before we had to leave, we decided to take it with us. Because we are towing a trailer, I am driving my car. It saves us (after deducting for gas) about $600 by not having to ship it in addition to having the added convenience of having a car and not having to drive the RV in and around town.

So back to the trip. We drove out of SoCal and made it as far as Adelanto (near Barstow) when the RV suffered a blow out. Thankfully it was on the rear and MacGyver was able to pull off safely. We swapped it out with the spare and were on our way. Just a side note to the story: my a/c blew a hose days before it was to be shipped. Not a big deal - MacGyver planned to fix it once the car (and we) arrived in Kansas. We didn't plan on driving it through the desert of Southern California in a late-summer heat wave. Needless to say it was HOT. And my car runs warm on the inside to begin with. Not fun. I chugged more water that day than I have all summer long. We made it to Zion late in the evening, missing the splendor of the drive in. We found our camp spot and settled in for the night.

The next morning, we awoke to some of the most majestic views a person can imagine. If you've never been to Zion, I would recommend you do so. Tomorrow. We didn't get to see 1/10th of what we wanted, having only a day but what we saw was incredible! The kids now have National Park passports and are learning all about our National Park system. I was sad to drive away from Zion this morning.

From Zion, we started our slow climb up to the Continental Divide. We made it as far as Grand Junction and that is where we camped for the night. A few maintenance issues took up most of our time this evening but thanks to MacGyver's skillz on the waffle iron, we had delicious waffles for dinner. Next, it's on to Denver. I can just about taste the Beau Jo's pizza from here!

And we received word yesterday that our HHGs are already in Kansas, waiting for us. w00t! Now we just have to find a place to live.

For now, sleep. Pictures when I have decent bandwidth.


- hfs


DL Sly said...

"... and no obscenities have been yelled."

Ummm....are you sure that's the absolute truth? You blew a tire in the Mojave Desert -- at least you made it to the top of Cajon Pass beforehand -- and the trail car has no a/c? Something tells me yer *stretching the truth* jus'alittle on that account.
But, y'all are heading into the kind of country that can cleanse the soul with it's majesty.

Crista said...

I shall wave at you from here and wish you safe travels through my favorite place I've ever lived. ;)

Homefront Six said...

I did not yell any obscenities. I didn't say they weren't uttered...I just didn't *yell* them.

DL Sly said...

What a waste of perfectly good obscenities! If you aren't yelling them, how do you expect the correlative release of stress to occur? Geez, I guess we're going to have to get you back into Cussin' Class - if Cass is still offering them, that is....


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