Adventures in Moving - Road Trip 2011 (part 3, I think)

I had to go back and read where I left off so I know where to start. Story of my life! Grand Junction wasn't anything remarkable...mainly because we weren't there long enough to see anything. The next day, we rolled out after gassing up and started our long, slow slog up the Continental Divide. About an hour outside of GJ, we passed what had to be the most pristine setting for an RV park - right on the Colorado river and right next to a horse pasture. If we had only known...

However, if we had known, the 10 year old would still be there after refusing to get back into the RV. So it's probably a good thing we didn't know. The drive up the Rockies was slow but relatively uneventful, save for the beautiful scenery. And the gorgeous temperatures, given the fact that my car was without a/c. The descent into Denver was stressful for me, driving behind the RV that my husband drove which carried my children. I do not doubt his driving skills. He's a solid driver. But gusty winds, winding roads, 6% downhill grades, and a 28' RV with a 12' trailer make this mama stressed out. Thankfully we all made it safely. We spent 2 days in Denver which is nowhere near enough, if you ask me. But we'll be back.

We introduced the kids to the glory of Beau Jo's pizza. They got it. Part of me was hoping that they didn't so I could steal their pizza crusts and slather them with Colorado honey. Alas, they gobbled up their crusts and didn't share any with their mother, the woman who gave them LIFE. Ingrates. Both of them! We spent a few hours at the Tattered Cover Bookstore in LoDo. Not nearly enough but it was a start.

We'll be back.

Then it was time for the 500 mile push into the Sunflower State. It was a hot day and a LONG drive. That pretty much sums it up. MacGyver reserved us a site on a lake which was a nice introduction to Kansas. Pretty scenery, nice people. We're slowly getting acquainted with our new surroundings. We hit the ground running the next day, scoping out houses. After a few days of searching, it looks like we have found a house that works for us which is a blessing. After our last temp lodging experience - all 75+ days of it - I was worried we'd see a repeat and wind up languishing in temp lodging hell yet again. I'm doing my best not to count my chickens before they hatch (we do not have a signed lease as I type this but we do have a verbal agreement) but it looks like we have a house.

The house is more than DOUBLE the square footage of our house in Hawaii. I'm not sure how I'm going to fill it - we don't have enough furniture to fill that kind of space. We'll have a bedroom for The Boy and The Girl (previously, they shared a room), an office for MacGyver, and a dedicated guest room! In addition to that, the basement family room is big enough to serve as both the family room (read: video game area...no video games upstairs! Yay!) and our school area. I am beyond excited! I can put a map on the wall, a white board, posters...you name it! There is room not only for my desk but for the kids to each have desks/tables once I find them on Craigslist. The master bedroom is easily double what we had in Hawaii. The backyard is huge and has a nice hill that will make for some great tubing runs once the snow falls. It's in a quiet neighborhood that is comprised of both local and military families, is relatively close to the airfield, and is close to a few friends. We're hoping to solidify a move-in date and a date for delivery of HHGs this week.

We've not yet started school (1OCT is our start date) but we did hook up with the local military homeschool group and go on a field trip/tour of a local dairy. We were able to see how the cows are raised, the milking facilities, the veterinary facilities, the bottling facility, and we were able to taste some incredibly delicious farm-fresh milk. The families in the group seem nice and were quick to welcome us which was great. It's not as involved as our co-op back in Hawaii but they offer art classes, a choir program, and monthly field trips.

And, because every move needs some excitement, I've managed to catch a cold and I'm losing my voice. My kids are thrilled. I am not. Hopefully it's short-lived. MacGyver should be hopping back into the cockpit in the next few weeks. It's been 26 months so he's rusty but he's studying as much as possible and I'm hoping it's a lot like riding a bike in that it comes back to him quickly.

So that brings us to today. Somewhere in that chaos, The Girl turned 10. I'm not sure how that happened, exactly. She was just born yesterday. But now she's 10 and wearing my shoes. We're taking her this week to get her military ID. She's over the moon about that prospect. Where does time go?

I should hit the sack and see if I can regain my voice somehow.


- hfs


Curtis said...

That's where I got my first military ID which I promptly left in my pants pocket and my mother gave it a good wash in the washer. I hope that you all enjoy it there as much as we all did.

My troop rode our bikes through those hills and on to a camp site in the middle of almost nowhere. A temp house by the lake was what we enjoyed at first and enjoy it we did until we moved into the O'club a week before taking quarters on post. Pool! Cool! Elevators! Vending machines!

My little sister recently received a prize from the LA Times Book thingie and one of our friends from the Fort Riley era was there. In fact he picked me up at the LA Train Station and took me to USC to hook up with Megan. We both actually agreed that the age we were at, Fort Riley in that place was absolutely the most amazing fun time anybody could have growing up. Pure street light rules in effect the whole time as usual but with wilderness, bridges, hills, woods, Moon Lake, left over ammo and always the chance of a dropped and forgotten gun somewhere...

DL Sly said...

Yay, you made it!

Sounds like a pretty good set up with the house. Whoo hoo! I know what a relief that must be. One more step closer to being back to your definition of normal.
Very cool.

Mom5Kids said...

So glad you made it! Miss you, but I bet it feels great to have SPACE! Inside, outside, and all-around!

Homefront Six said...

As nice as it is to have all that space, I'd trade it in an instant to go back to my 1400 sf and postage stamp-sized yard on my 120 square miles of island paradise. Homesick much? Yep.

MMC said...

Aww... that sucks that you're so homesick but the house sounds great! And it sounds like quite the recommendation from Curtis.


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