If These Walls Could Talk

The war on cardboard continues and I think I'm winning. The empty boxes outnumber the full boxes so that's a point in my favor. The fact that the empty boxes are still here is driving me batty but that should be remedied this weekend, thanks to Craigslist. Currently, there is a wall of approximately 25 Dishpack boxes separating me (where I sit in the kitchen) from my living room.

Not. A. Fan.

The house we've rented is huge. It's easily twice the size of our house in Hawaii and then some. Our goal during our time here will be to NOT expand to fit the space. As I unpack, I am amazed that we managed to fit so much into so small of a space. In Hawaii, our "school room" was simply space in the living room that I eeked out. Here, we have a basement that measures somewhere in the vicinity of 800 square feet that will house not only our school area but MacGyver's office and the kids' video games and Legos. Both The Boy and The Girl now have their own room whereas in Hawaii they shared a room. And it's funny because, in Hawaii, I thought they had too much stuff but now that they are each in their own space, their rooms seem sparsely furnished.

The town that we live near (not in...we're *just* outside city limits) is a combination of the typical "outside the gate" town combined with a town that actually has quite a history. Many of the homes in the original city neighborhoods date back to the 1920s and earlier. The "downtown" district is ripe with history too but the socioeconomic situation prevents it from truly showcasing that history. And that kills me. The houses here have what my dad would call "good bones" - old Craftsman-style homes with sweeping front porches and tons of architectural detail. The buildings downtown are the same. This town is ripe for an episode of "If These Walls Could Talk" and yet, no one is developing this. The houses are run down. The downtown district has more bars and pawn shops than actual stores or eateries. It truly is a waste. Part of me wishes we were going to be here longer than we anticipate so that I could not only buy a home in the "historical district" and fix it up but also get on to the Chamber of Commerce or city planning committee and encourage them to work to bring in businesses that better reflect the character and history of the town as well as to start up a city beautification push.

I did find out - through MacGyver's inprocessing - that classes at the local community college are FREE. F.R.E.E. FREE. So that EMT course that I was interested in taking just became a little more attainable. Now I need to see about a babysitter because it looks like MacGyver is going to be busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest once he gets back in the cockpit. Which is just fine by me.

It's late and I'm getting the stink eye from my husband so I will wrap this up for now. More to come. In preparation for my next post, I encourage you to read the children's book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". Trust me, it will make sense once I post.


- hfs

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bejellyfish said...

I've been out in the moving process as well (although in the opposite direction) so I haven't been following. I am so glad, however, to see that moving went well and you found a new big house to rent in the place you wanted! I love your desire to better the town you are in and be a part of the Chamber! Maybe between everything else you are busy with you could find a day a week (or a day a month) to be involved. The chamber in the town we grew up in outside of Fort Campbell did a lot of military recruiting and activities... maybe they could use a liaison there?

Also VERY happy to see that you are able to get those CPR classes for free! WHAT A BLESSING! Good luck with the babysitter finding, I will be praying you find a good opportunity and time that works for you!


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