A full plate

I was bouncing around the internet the other day and came across the job listings for the local school district. I'm always curious to see who is hiring, what positions are open, what the pay scales are, etc. Not that I plan to set foot back in a classroom anytime soon (other than the one that is in my basement) but I like to keep up on things in my profession. While I was meandering around, I came across the listing for a head swim team coach at the local high school.


I could do that. Maybe. So I dropped the Athletic director a note, inquiring as to the particulars of the position: pay, practice times, season dates (boys' and girls' seasons are separate), etc. the information I received back assured me that, yes, I CAN do this. The dates/times/pay all fit in with this thing we call our "schedule". The Boy and The Girl might have to sign on as my assistant coaches each day until MacGyver can pick them up but it won't kill them to spend some time on a pool deck. And I should probably be able to tweak practice times on the days that my EMT class meets so that is a bonus.

I dusted off my resume (actually, I redesigned it thanks to a friend and her advice...it's what she does so, if you are in need of resume advice, drop me an email and I'll give you her contact information. Her rates are quite reasonable!) and my cover letter and filled out the online application. I sent it off this week and now I wait to hear back. I suspect that attaining the job will be the easy part. The logistics of actually performing the job will be the challenge. Homeschooling two children with a husband whose flight schedule is anything but predictable should get interesting. Especially when you throw in a night class to make things interesting. But it will work out. I hope.

If not, the kids will also get to schlep with me to my class and learn all about trauma care. Fun times!

The weather took a turn toward winter this week. Woke up one morning to a low of 23*. My knee is anything but happy about that one and my Raynaud's issues decided to flare again. Wonderful. Though maybe the Raynaud's is a good thing - I can always try to get it classified as an EFMP (exceptional family member program) qualifier and get us sent back to a more temperate/tropical locale...

MacGyver has flown a few more times including some night flights. The Boy and The Girl are not used to this so it's been a bit of an adjustment for them. They don't remember a time when Daddy's schedule was not 9-5. I find it amusing that, for someone who craves routine and predictability (me), I am relieved to have him back on an unpredictable schedule. My brain confounds me most days. He has a few TDY trips coming up (business trips) in the near future so the kids and I will get to experience that part of military life again as well. I need to pop over to my mom's (does anyone 'pop' 1,000+ miles? I don't think so) so we'll probably do that while MacGyver is TDY. We'll see...need to work some logistics out there as well. But I need to get it done before serious winter weather sets in: partly because she has the majority of my winter clothes but mostly because I don't want to be driving across several states in icky weather. And it will be good to see her again. The kids haven't seen her since she was in Hawaii more than a year ago. I'm hoping we get to visit other family that is in the area as well.

Then it will be time to gear up for Thanksgiving. I'm excited to have a Thanksgiving that involves fall temperatures and NOT sweating my okole off in the kitchen. But I am going to desperately miss the big potluck dinner that we normally have at church. I'm counting the days until May when we get to go visit. Hopefully our couches will be here before Thanksgiving.

Tonight it's girls' night out. The kids are hanging with MacGyver and I'm heading out with a good friend. Nothing exciting - dinner and maybe some music. But it will be nice to head out for a bit!


- hfs


Mom5Kids said...

It sounds like things are working out well, Praise God!

Curtis said...

I would like to ask a favor of you. I pushed a lawn mower all over main post from Cavalry Parade to Artillery Parade. I was very young and I lived at 172B Merit Road midway between the two fields. I used to walk to school past the hippodrome. Who does that anymore. If you have the time could you send me a picture of the place. We never had horses, even quarter horses at the hippodrome but we did have English rugby types on the football field next door. They were stand up guys. They took on the first ID freshly home from Vietnam. and the first of the seventh.

Homefront Six said...

Curtis ~ I can do that. Next time I'm on post, I will take that picture for you and email it to you. I've been meaning to get on post and take some pictures of all of the old, beautiful architecture.

M5K ~ it is. God is good. He always has been, even during the ugly parts. We're praying that we're able to get back to Hawaii though. We all miss it. And I miss you!

Crista said...

So glad to read things are falling into place for you. I really hope the swim coach position comes to fruition....God's plan will shine, I'm sure. ;)

bejellyfish said...

Goodness! I'm so excited for your potential job. I was a swimmer for years (country club from age 6+ and varsity from grad 6+). That would truly be a blessing of a job!


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