If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

I'm sure you've all heard of the children's book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". There is a spoof on that story titled "If You Give a Mom a Muffin" and both pretty much resemble my life at the moment. I'll get started on something - putting the contents of a box away - and then, in the process of putting something away, I'll come across a window track that is filthy (they are ALL filthy...ick) or items that are in one room but belong in another, or a picture that needs to be hung - and the box is completely forgotten and left sitting half-empty with the contents strewn about. It's moving-related ADD. I wish there was an 'H' to go with that acronym but there is not.

We are still without a couch which makes it challenging, mentally, to get my living room truly put together. And it also makes it tough to have friends over for dinner. I have nowhere for them to sit unless I bring in the beach chairs (um, no.). We drove out to the big city (about 100 miles away) to check out this massive furniture store (and go to COSTCO!!! Good Lord, do I miss Costco!) but didn't really fall in love with anything. We know what we want but we didn't find IT. So we're going to head in the opposite direction this weekend and see what we can find. In the meantime, I scurry around trying to get things put away.

We've sorted through a lot of stuff and already have 2 big boxes set aside for a yard sale. And lots of stuff is also in the "donate" pile as well as in the garbage. I'd love to weigh what we're getting rid of just to know where we stand weight-wise but I can't. Hopefully what we get rid of will outweigh the new furniture we're planning to buy!

Homesickness is hovering and I hate it. The Boy isn't really homesick much, especially now that he has his stuff around him. But The Girl is struggling. She misses her friends, our church, our neighborhood, our activities...everything that is familiar to her. I can't say I blame her. I'd hop back on a plane in a New York minute if I could. But I can't. So I do my best to set it aside, focus on finding things to do here, getting settled in. But there's an ache there that hasn't been there since we left Colorado in 1998. I didn't think I'd ever miss anywhere as much as I miss Colorado. But I do. More so.

MacGyver had his first day at work this week. A lot like your first day at a new school. Thankfully, the Army is small and the Chinook world is even smaller which means we know people here. More than I even expected! We're running into people we've not seen since we left Alaska. It's great! And, in even better news, MacGyver is on the FLIGHT SCHEDULE for next week!!!! I'm so excited, I can barely contain myself. I'm tempted to toss the kids in the car and go spectate. And take pictures. Except that MacGyver would probably throw things at me.

The trees here are just starting to turn colors. I need to take pictures of the trees on the way on to post each day so I can time-lapse them and watch the colors change. I can't wait for it to be full-blown fall. Right now it feels more like summer in Hawaii than fall. Everyone is amazed that it's as warm as it is given the fact that it's the first week in October. I have a feeling, based on a few things that I've heard and seen, that we are in for one hell of a winter. Thankfully, MacGyver's truck is 4-wheel drive and I have experience driving in snow and on ice. I am NOT looking forward to the wind. At all.

More good news on the EMT front. The classes were offered this semester on the two days that most interfere with our family's activities. But NEXT semester, they are changing the days around and the class will be offered on the two days that are perfect for our schedules. I'm hoping to get to the Ed Center on post and get things rolling soon.

There's a "Hail & Bail" coming up soon. We'll see how that goes. I can't say I'm interested in getting involved in anything having to do with the FRG or the unit aside from getting together with friends. It's that whole "once bitten, twice shy" thing.


- hfs


S said...

Did you try the Nebraska Furniture Mart in KC? Remember from the time we were in Leavenworth that they had a nice selection. Hope you find one soon :)

bejellyfish said...

Glad the EMT classes are working out for you!

Do you have any suggestions for Halloween goings on? We've heard about lots of things going on around the island, but we aren't party people and we don't have kids... so it leaves us in the middle.

Good luck finding the perfect furniture. I'd scour Craigslist for the furniture. I've found some pretty good deals on there (our Volvo, a house rental and a really awesome never used hide-a-bed couch for CHEAP). I'm currently hoping that Craigslist will have a king sized retro/antique iron bed and some retro patio furniture. But since it is an island, I'm not keeping my fingers crossed. You may have more luck in Kansas.

Crista said...

We looked at furniture out at The Legends just south of Leavenworth. There's a huge furniture/electronics store there on the eastern edge of the area. I had my eye on a few pieces there. Yeah, long story, but they had some beautiful pieces that I wish I had been able to buy.

Pogue said...

*sigh* It's yard sale, _then_ move...
:-) Hopefully the home sickness will die down as the activities ramp up.

Homefront Six said...

Pogue ~ we did the yard sale thing before we left but I find that it's actually easier to purge things on the receiving end rather than the leaving end. Not sure why. Maybe because what I'm purging doesn't have a "home" here so I see no need to keep it.

We did hit NFM in KC (the one at Legends Mall). Great store. There were 3 sets that I liked but nothing I LOVED. We're going to check out Salina and Wichita and, if we don't like anything else out there, we'll go back to NFM (any excuse to go back to KC is fine with me!). Personally I would have preferred to order right then and there but MacGyver still wants to look around...

Bejelly ~ watch for the post-wide yard sales as well as the biggie down at Pearl Harbor (check greatlifehawaii.org - Navy's MWR site) for that one. And if you look up Hawaii yard sale (I think) on Facebook, you should be able to find stuff too. Oh, and Bookoo.com.

I hesitate to buy furniture like that off CL...friends of ours had an awful run-in with bedbugs from a futon they found on CL so I'm leary.

DL Sly said...

And take the pictures.
Trust me.


Homefront Six said...

I think I will. I just won't tell him about it. He's as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs and I don't want to make it any worse. But I know the two guys he's flying with and I think I'm going to have them keep me up to speed on the flight time so I can get out there to watch.

It really is hugely monumental, given what he's been through and the fact that we NEVER thought he'd be back in a helicopter.

DL Sly said...

My point exactly.
Can't wait to see the pix.


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