Three years

Time flies.


I miss you, Dad. Mom's doing well. You'd be proud. Or you'd cringe because she's using the hedge trimmer and other power tools...I'm not sure. But she's doing well.



DL Sly said...

Time does indeed fly.
And yet some things stick with you as though encased in amber.
My heart is with you.

Val said...


Curtis said...

That is a very beautiful picture.

I shared the waiting room at the DFAS Cleveland office with a very nice lady, her grand dad and great grandmother and 5 day old son.

I do hope that the coaching thing works out. It would brighten up my days if I knew that The Boy and The Girl are listed as pro's from Dover on the staff in order to get them through the doors at the local school.

MMC said...

Wow, reading backwards some of your older posts (don't seem to have anywhere near as much time to pop around as I use to) and came across this post - I knew your Dad had passed away but I didn't realize the timing. My Mom died on Nov. 29, 2008 so they were only a few weeks apart.

My condolences, I know how much it still hurts. It's true (for me) that some of the sting is gone around the anniversary date but it still hurts. A lot. And for my youngest (age 15), it seems seems as sharp as the first one.

But carry on we do, no?


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