Didn't mean to let the old blog sit around unattended for so long! Sorry about that. I guess this whole 'settling in' thing takes more time and effort than I last remember. Or I'm older. Or both.

Still waiting on couches. They should be here in about two days. Thank goodness! Now I'll have somewhere to sleep when MacGyver's snoring keeps me awake. Most of the boxes are gone and the remainder will be gone this week - have to make room for the couches! Just in time to have family come and visit.

The kids and I took off to go visit my mom and some family in Georgia. Great trip but a LONG drive. Can't say I want to do THAT again any time soon. Nothing eventful save for the rain on the way back. I picked up two dressers that my father made. One will go in the guest room and the other will hang out in the media/Lego area for the time being. I had planned to give it to The Girl but we found her a dresser at a yard sale so she no longer needs it. I had hoped to bring back a rocker my dad made and a few other things but I didn't have room for them in the truck. That's ok - they aren't going anywhere. It's nice to have some things that he made beyond just my bed and the few other odds and ends he gave me over the years. His craftsmanship is unrivaled. Once I get the dressers set up, (and get my hands on a flash card reader that actually READS flash cards and works with my computer) I'll take pictures of the dressers and his work. You can't find furniture like this anywhere.

The day we got home from our road trip, it was raining. Thankfully, two of my mom's friends came and helped us load the dressers and cover them with tarps. One of the guys is prior service coast guard so those tarps weren't going anywhere. The next day, it was still raining and we took off to church for a military spouse get-together. When we came out a few hours later, the rain had turned to SNOW! The kids were beside themselves with glee! The Boy scooped up his very first ball of snow and then promptly threw it at his sister's back. They are HUGE 'Calvin and Hobbes' fans and have been itching to recreate some of Calvin's snowscape masterpieces. Sadly, by the time we got home,t he snow had turned back into rain. I consoled them with the fact that there will be plenty of snow again soon enough. The next morning, they were up with the sun, donned their snow gear, and headed outside before I had even made it out of bed. There was nothing more than some ice on the back deck but that didn't bother them - they had a great time. They'll have a blast the first REAL snow we get!

I found out I did not get the coaching job. They hired a head coach from within and I was interviewed for the assistant coaching position but they opted to go with someone else. I think this was a blessing - the more I thought about the job, the more I realized that the logistics of it all would be a hassle. It was doable but not necessary. And I think that taking the job would have made taking the EMT course I want so badly difficult. So I remain unemployed and I'm ok with that. Gives me time to surf the Hawaii real estate ads.

I'll write more soon - hopefully from the comfort of my new couch!!


- hfs


bejellyfish said...

I read this while escaping from my husbands snoring to our new couches. We got him those Breathe Right Strips that he was so convinced would work. They do not. Lol.

Can't wait to see pictures of your fathers work! Homemade pieces are always the best. We've been working on and planning some projects of our own, although not made from scratch pieces.

Homefront Six said...

MacGyver uses the breathe-right strips with some success. Surprisingly they actually work unless he's just really dog-tired or flat on his back. He was also prescribed a CPAP machine because he has mild sleep apnea but he usually winds up ripping that thing off his face around 0200 and snores the rest of the night. At least with the BR strips, they stay on ;)

I've loved reading about your projects. Sorry the issue with transpo didn't work out and you won't be getting all of your stuff. But I've seen the dresser and love what you did with it!

barksbt said...

the rocker we used for you wasn't made by your dad. but i have a couple he made (one tailored to my height and leg length). you're welcome to both of the others if we can figure out how to transport them some day.

DL Sly said...

*Knock knock knock*
Is this thing on??

Is there anybody in there?


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