2011 in the rearview mirror

Our year started off with quite a bang...literally.

We waited to hear from the Army as to MacGyver's short-term fate and, after months of waiting, we heard back that he gets to stay in!

For the time being.

His initial promotion was rescinded and he will have to reboard in the spring but no one here is complaining. Following that wonderful news, we were quickly brought back down to earth by the news that we would be PCSing off the rock that we had come to love into the very flat midwest...about as far away from the ocean as you can possibly get while remaining in the United States. C'est la vie.

We finished out our first year of homeschooling with a bang...and a play! Both The Boy and The Girl enjoyed our homeschooling adventure and asked to continue on the following year (yes, I did ask and yes, their opinion carries with it a lot of weight). So I set about analyzing our successes and failures, our likes and dislikes, and researching the necessary changes in curricula. Thankfully, there wasn't much change necessary.

In the face of the impending move, we set about to hike as many trails as possible, enjoy as many beaches as possible (collecting samples of sand from each), spending as much time with friend as possible, and soaking up as much of Hawaii as we could possibly soak up. We also made a massive "TO DO" list for our visit and started laying plans to move back as soon as possible.

2011 wasn't the easiest of years for our family but it was, in no way, the most difficult. And for that, I am grateful. I have many friends who faced incredibly challenging circumstances this year and my prayer is that 2012 brings with it more good news than bad, more good health than illness, more successes than failure, more joy than heartache. For all of us.

I'm going to close with something I rarely do - a quote from someone I don't know on Facebook. Her perspective gives us all something to think about as we close the door on 2011 and look forward to 2012.

I got onto facebook today thinking that I would post about hoping 2012 will be easier than 2011; but my facebook friends quickly made me realize that this past year wasn't really all that bad. I was going to complain that Troy's contract is up again in two weeks; but then 2 amazing young wives of Wounded Warriors, 4 incredibly strong fiancées and girlfriends who never got to marry the man of their dreams, and 2 inspiring young Widows raising little boys who barely, or never, got to know their Daddies made me realize that having some extra time with my husband at home isn't really such a terrible thing. I thought about complaining that the Marine Corps sent me back a boy who is different both physically and mentally than the one I dropped off at MEPS in 2007, and that he'll be starting off 2012 jobless and still with no help from the completely overwhelmed VA; but then 10 wonderful Marine Moms and 2 incredible Marine Dads who will be starting their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 15th years without their sons reminded me that, no matter what, I am so lucky that he came home at all. I came on here to complain about not having what I thought we needed to have a better year...but you all made me realize that, no matter what, I definitely have everything I need. God Bless all of you and your families on this last day of 2011, and all through 2012.


- hfs

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Jessie said...

We are currently stationed in the middle of the midwest.. I promise it's not that bad! :)

Pogue said...

You seem to have made the best of trying times. Here's hoping for good things in the coming year.

Homefront Six said...

We're here too, Jessie, and you're right - it's not that bad! We're making the best of it and enjoying what it has to offer. The opportunities of new places to explore are great and the history of the area is immense. Couple that with the ability to pretty much pick up and go see friends and family whenever we choose and it's all good!

Pogue ~ I'm trying. Easier with good friends :) (And I got your email...need to find more than 5 minutes to sit down and write back)

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year!


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