2012 MilBlogging Conference

UPDATE: Military.com says that they are not going to change the date. Their reasoning is that the venue - the Westin Arlington - only has Mother's Day weekend available. It's unfortunate that there are no other venues in the greater D.C. area that can handle a conference. /sarcasm

The MilBlogging Conference has been in existence since 2005. Every year the conference has been held in April (yes, there was that one time in Vegas but I try my best to block that out). It worked well for most people - didn't interfere with any holidays, school events such as finals or graduations, etc. I was looking forward to this year's MilBlog Conference - it's a family reunion of the dysFUNctional sort and it's good for my soul.

However, the 'powers that be' decided - with less than 5 months until the next conference weekend - to change the date. And in a flash of brilliance, the conference is now scheduled for the weekend of May 11-13. If you look at a calendar, you'll see that weekend is not only Mother's Day weekend but also the weekend where a large majority of colleges and universities across the country hold finals and/or graduations. Apparently no one in this brain-trust thought to actually consult a calendar when making this decision. In one fell swoop, the brainiacs at Military.com (who is owned and operated by Monster.com, in case you were wondering) have eliminated the following groups from attendance:

1.) college students (finals, yo! or graduation)
2.) parents of graduating seniors
3.) mothers who do not wish to be away from the people that made them such
4.) fathers who (if they are smart and know what is best for them) will not want to be away from the woman who bore their children

Brilliance. Brilliance, I tell you. Obviously the person (or people) behind this decision must be in possession of a Y-chromosome. I'm not male-bashing here but I guarantee you this was not a woman that made this decision. No woman would have looked at the calendar and decided to:

a.) fix something that wasn't broke to begin with
b.) change the date to MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND

Definitely a tool. And not a very useful one, at that.

Regardless of who is responsible, the decision was a poor one and the people in charge need to hear from us. Hopefully the few people that read my blog will put fingers to keyboards and fire off an email regarding the absurdity of this decision. Your two options are:

Ward Carroll (editor, Military.com) - ward.carroll@monster.com
Sarah Blansett (POC for MilBlog Conference) - Sarah.Blansett@Monster.com

My hope is that the brain-trust at Military.com/Monster.com will realize the fact that this decision was ill-advised at best (much like the fee that Bank of America was going to charge its customers to access their own money...lame) and fix it. Otherwise, I do believe this will be the last year for the MilBlogging Conference. Way to go, Military.com. Way to go. Way to ruin one of the most enjoyable, yet dysFUNctional family reunions out there.


- hfs


Pogue said...

Yes, but how do you feel about it...

Sorry, I couldn't resist... :-)

Homefront Six said...

Heh. This is the restrained version. And by restrained, I mean that I exercised monumental self control in my use of verbage and colorful language.

I. Am. BENT.


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