Laying low

Things here have been pleasantly quiet - not just in the past few days or weeks but pretty much since we arrived. Our time in Hawaii was full - full of fun, friends, things to do, places to go, things to see. But here...life is quieter. I'm sure it's because I've not met a lot of people but a big part of it is the feeling I get that I just want to be still. It's really nice to just hang out at home - to putter when I feel like it; to watch a movie when I feel like it; to read a book or bake some bread or troll around on Pinterest looking for the next yummy recipe I want to try out.

I was thinking about this the other day as our small group leader at church was challenging us to listen to what it is tht God wants us to do - how he wants us to step out and go and I don't get that feeling at all. I get the feeling that He's telling me to sit down and be quiet. I tried applying for a job and received a solid "NO" as an answer. Same goes for the EMT course I was planning to take. Every big opportunity I've pursued that would take me out and about and give me 'something' to do has been quashed.

I thought it would drive me batty - I'm normally quite an extrovert. I thrive on being around people and doing things and going places. Like The Girl, my usual first thought of the day is "Where are we going today?". But lately, I'm content to just chill at home. There are days - like today - where I"m going a little stir-crazy but I suspect that is because we've had a run-in with a tummy bug and I've not really left the house since Monday. But I've read 4 books this week, baked some YUMMY meals, caught up on laundry, taught my children (including building the Great Wall of China out of Legos), researched a few things for some ideas I've had, learned a lot about Gross Domestic Product, the Laffer Curve, national debt, mandatory spending versus discretionary spending when it comes to the Federal Budget, had great conversations with my children about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploding 26 years ago, 9/11, and many other things. I'm caught up on my Bible reading, and I only have piddly things left to do on my "to do" list.

Normally my "TO DO" list is taunting me but lately, I've owned that bad boy. And I'm cook with that. Plus, if I don't go anywhere, it's harder for me to spend money! So I'm good with that too.

Next week will pick up - not only are we back in the swing of Awana, gymnastics classes, hockey, and co-op but PE starts next week and, while The Boy and The Girl are at Awana, I am meeting a friend for coffee. So the busy-ness of life will creep back in. For now, I'm enjoying the quiet, the warmish temperatures, and plotting my plot and what to plant this spring. It's about time to place an order for seeds and start in on our Botany study. I'm looking forward to being able to step out on to the back deck and pick out salad fixings this summer!


Pogue said...

I think it's called "healing."


Homefront Six said...

I suppose. Don't feel like I need to 'heal' though...

Curtis said...


Just wrote the Missus owner and asked what kind of tomatoes she wanted when they return from abroad since the whole seedling thing kind of needs a start date of 21 Feb and she replied, "oops, hadn't thought about that." It's her house, her garden.
Hopefully even a plant assassin like me can get them started and in the ground before summer.


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