Off to the big city

The Boy celebrated a birthday recently - I'm still trying to figure out how it is he is now 8. I swear, he was born yesterday. But then I get to thinking about the long, horrible nights (and days) of his first six months and I realize it has been 8 years. Those were some LONG nights. Colic combined with (undiagnosed) pyloric stenosis (mild but it meant that 8 out of every 16 ounces he took in wound up coming right back out - on to me, the floor, the couch, him, the carseat...you name it), and some post-partum depression (mine, not his) and it's amazing that any of us made it out with any semblance of sanity. But he's such a sweet, kind boy now so I'm glad we made it through!

Because we haven't yet made a lot of friends here, The Boy decided that Dave and Buster's was a great place to celebrate his birthday. So we piled in the car recently and took off to the Big City where D&B's is located. Because it's a bit of a schlep, we decided to find other things to do to warrant the drive and wound up at Union Station. They have a science center and model train museum so we figured that would be a fun warm up to D&B's. As we were pulling off the interstate, I heard an odd rattle (not uncommon in a 14 year old car that has 115K miles on it). Thankfully we were just a short drive from our destination and, as we pulled into the parking lot, the rattling stopped and something fell out of the engine compartment.

That's never a good sign.

We pulled into a parking space and popped the hood, after locating my Leatherman and a crescent wrench (for some reason, my normal toolkit wasn't in my trunk...). A little bit of digging revealed that the idler pulley for the serpentine belt had the bearing seize up and the pulley itself disintegrated. Thankfully (I said this a lot this day), it was early so we had time to explore some options. MacGyver, after locating the offending part, called around and located a parts place that a.) was within walking distance and b.) could get the part we needed by early afternoon. So we took the kids in to Union Station, grabbed a bite to eat, and explored until it was time for MacGyver to head out for the part. A few short hours, $100, and two bloody knuckles later, my V6 was up and running. Off we went to D&B's. The Boy had a great time as did his sister. And, while we were there, I was able to meet up with a blog friend who happened to be in the area with his family as well.

Sadly we did not have time to get up to see The Armorer but the kids and I will make it out to see them hopefully next month. I hear they have quite the petting zoo out there!

This week looks to be a quiet one - even quieter than before as hockey is now over. No more freezing my okole off! And our countdown to Hawaii has begun. We are blessed to be heading back for a visit in a short big. I'm excited beyond belief. Hopefully we'll have a better idea as to MacGyver's future in the active duty Army and, if necessary, can start talking to the Hawaii National Guard to see if they have anything that might work for us. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'm anxiously waiting for my order of seeds to get here so I can start planting and hopefully get some things growing. The weather here has been wonderfully spring-like so it's time to start moving in the gardening direction. The kids and I mapped out our plans for beds and pots and seeds have been ordered. My hope is that we can offset some of our produce budget by growing our own. And what we don't grow, I'm hoping to get from the Farmer's markets once they start back up. I'm also looking into raw milk distributers and an organic co-op as well. We're doing pretty well with cutting out a lot of processed foods as well as eliminating food dyes and artificial flavors and sweeteners. Not perfect by any stretch but it's better than it used to be!

Time for bed.


- hfs


Pogue said...

I hate it when pieces fall off my car (or aircraft...)

Sounds like a good recovery, though!

btw, the anti robot text is almost unreadable - this is my fourth attempt to get past it. *grrr*

Homefront Six said...

Ok - I've disabled the word verification for now. Sorry that it's a pain. I have it set to allow anonymous comments but, if that's an issue, I'll set it so that only registered users can comment. But I really don't want to do that.

Pogue said...

I know, I'm a whiner... :-)

Can't you completely rebuild an engine with a Leatherman and a crescent wrench? We have a saying in A Co - "Stand back, I'm a crew chief with a multitool! I'll fix that!"


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