This makes it real

March 27th at 1pm
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery
San Diego, CA


Pogue said...

I'm thinking about driving out for it. It is public, right? (I'm not on Facebook so I'm not privy to all the information.)

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Kinda stopped my heart when I saw that (was it yesterday?), too. I'm still sorta befuddled & not functioning so well at work. FB is just acting wonky enough tonight that I may actually get something else done & try to think about something different.

Loved your previous post, btw.

Homefront Six said...

Pogue ~ I do believe it's public. The family put out the date and it's on ATACUSA's site as well. If you go, please take pictures. I do so wish I could be there on that date but economics and logistics are proving insurmountable.

Fort Rosecrans is beautiful. I'll get there to pay my respects at some point. Just not now. I don't do funerals well anyway.

Homefront Six said...

MBL ~ I hear ya. I had to walk away from the computer today.

ORPO1 said...

It is public. But all should be aware that parking is at a premium. Possible that one would have to park outside the cemetery and walk in.
I am going. We are going to Oceanside to my sister in law's for a visit. I need a breather and the Missus and I decided it would be easier to drive the one hour plus instead of getting on the road at 0500-0600.


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