Money money money

Woah...Blogger has a new layout. My blog itself looks the same but the 'Dashboard' most definitely does not. So far, what I'm seeing isn't too bad - just different. Hopefully it's a little more user-friendly than the old format. I've been using Blogger since 2004 so I was used to it but I remember it taking a bit to learn all of the ins and outs back then. 

Then again, I was doing everything in html as opposed to the 'compose' option. I do things the hard way it seems. Who knew?

I have some relatively minor good news to share though! Nothing earth-shattering but it put a smile on my face today and I have YOU to thank! 

See?!? The part that says "$104.27"? That's a check that is headed MY WAY for THIS BLOG! How cool is THAT?!? I'm quite over-the-moon excited about it all! I have no idea what I will spend that $104.27 on (it will probably go right to the credit card balance) but it's the first time I've ever really been PAID for blogging. I've been blessed in other ways through my blogging - MilBlogging conferences (including some people's donations to help get me there on several occasions, for which I am eternally grateful...this means you J, among others), SpouseBuzz Live events, other goodies in the mail and online from wonderful people - but never a 'paycheck' as it were.

 And it's all because people who read this blog click the ads over there to the right or down below each post. It's nothing I've done (other than copy and paste the html to put them there). So THANK YOU!! Thank you so much for reading my poor, neglected little corner of the internetiverse. (yes, that's a new word. I coined it today. Mark your calendars.)

 For the record, I have a blog post in the making right now, one that is done (it's a cross post on a friend of mine's blog and I'm just waiting for her to post it so I can link to it), and one that is a-brewing in my mind. It seems the fog is starting to lift a bit - maybe the time outside in the garden is helping. I have dirt crusted under my fingernails and it's wonderful. The kids and I went on our first midwest 'hike' yesterday (do you call a walk with zero elevation gain a 'hike'? I don't. Not really.) and it was wonderful. And we are headed back to Hawaii for an extended visit here shortly. All of these things are helping to buoy my spirit.

 The promotion board is currently meeting and they hold MacGyver's fate (well, as it has to do with the Active Duty Army) in their hands. So any prayers, good thoughts, ritual sacrifices you care to throw in that direction would be appreciated. I could post about how torn I am over this whole thing as well. Hmm...I'll have to ponder that one here in a bit. Right now, the weather is getting kind of dicey so I'm going to make sure our emergency room is prepped and that my underwear are clean. Fun times!

 I'm getting a CHECK, people! A CHECK! For blogging! Thank you!


 - hfs


Old AF Sarge said...

Way to go HF6! A CHECK for blogging, real cash money. You're an inspiration to all of us wannabe capitalists!

Teresa said...

Wow! Very cool!!! Congratulations indeed :-)

Oh and all good vibes going out MacGyver's way!

Pogue said...

Not a bad check!

At least Blogger didn't suddenly change to Arabic like it did to me when I was overseas... :-)

Kate Kashman said...

Shazaam! You go, girl!


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