Carpet Bombing and Benevolent Neglect

Not necessarily the best approaches to gardening but they are my approaches this year.

The garden is coming along, though not like I had planned. Most of my indoor starts have fizzled. I'm not sure what I did wrong - not keeping them watered well enough, not using the right kind of soil, not enough sunlight...who knows? A few seedlings survived: cauliflower, some chives, jalapenos, some cilantro, a few lettuces, some carrots, and maybe a broccoli seedling or two. Those have been transplanted and I'm restarting a bunch of other stuff from seed in addition to picking up a handful of tomato plants.

My approach to gardening is not the OCD plan that I had envisioned. It has since morphed - due to time constraints as well as threats by Bugs Bunny and his minions - into more of a 'carpet bombing' technique.

I had all sorts of plans and ideas for a nice, well organized layout of bags and planters and whatnot but it's really turned into quite the hodge-podge of layouts. And because my indoor starts didn't do so well, I find myself throwing down a little bit of this and a little bit of that to see what works. 

Above are my tomatoes and marigolds. I bought starter plants as I know that it can be tough to get tomatoes going from seed. We'll see if the marigolds help keep the bugs away from the tomatoes. 

Here we have some lettuce and what's left of my broccoli seedlings. I should have planted the broccoli last fall. Live and learn. We'll see if these 3 survive and produce. 

Onions: red, white, and shallots in this bag. Between the onions, the tomatoes, and the jalapenos, I should have some killer salsa this summer!

Kale and radishes. Neither of which my children really like but we'll see if growing them in our own backyard makes a difference. When I was a kid, I was *much* more likely to eat something if I had picked it out of our own garden. 

More lettuces and a row of spinach. We go through plenty of both.

Carrots! I had to plant them in this planter because I was worried that the bag method would stunt their growth. I remember the carrots I tried growing as a child being puny so I'm curious to see how these turn out.

Peppers (bell peppers). Planted with seeds from a pepper I hacked up for salad the other night. Not sure how these will turn out. Think they'll be better than plants grown from seed company seeds?

Strawberries. These are starts that I ordered from the seed catalog. They really haven't done much since I planted them but they also haven't died so I keep watering them.

I have NO idea what I planted in this bag above...I love surprises!

My cauliflower are doing quite well! Which makes no sense to me since cauliflower and broccoli are both cruciferous vegetables. If one is doing well, the other should be too. Hmm...

My salsa bag (above): more tomatoes, jalapenos, and marigolds to keep the bugs away.

Basil, carrots, and dill. I need to transplant these poor guys. A bug made its way into the basil container and had a great meal so they are starting over again in the leafing department.

More strawberry transplants (these were from Wal-Mart, I believe, and are doing better than the seed company transplants. Morning glories in the middle, and a cilantro/parsley pot on the right.

I still have pole beans, pumpkins (two varieties), and corn to plant. And at each corner of my fenced area, I planted some of The Boy's sunflower seeds. We'll see how they turn out. In addition to my carpet bombing technique when it comes to planting, this summer's other approach is benevolent neglect. The kids and I are doing a bit of traveling and my housesitters have simply been instructed to water on a daily basis. Nothing more. I'll fertilize and plant more seeds once we're doing with our travels. I'm curious to see how the 'bury it and forget it' approach plays out!

In the meantime, I am digging through all sorts of fun gardening books. My favorite thus far is "A Rich Spot of Earth: Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary Garden at Monticello". The man is my OCD hero. 

There are several other books that I've picked up that I'm enjoying - I'll have to discuss a few of them here soon! 


- hfs

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