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I'm always on the lookout for freebies. Always. I like cheap and on sale but I LOVE freebies. I'm still new to the freebie game but I'm learning quickly. Amazon has some great freebies too - especially when it comes to books.

I love free books because I read through them so quickly. It is ridiculous to go to Barnes and Noble and buy a book for $15 or $20 if I'm going to be done with it in a day or two, unless it's something I will refer back to on a regular basis. And then there is the military issue - we are only allowed a certain amount of weight when we move and books are HEAVY. So I no longer buy a lot of books. I used to. And then I found that I was having to buy additional furniture to accommodate my books which made even LESS sense. So I embraced my local library, weeded through my stacks of books, and donated a large majority of them (or sold them at yardsales). 

MacGyver also gave me a Nook for Christmas two years ago and it's been wonderful loading all sorts of books on there but even those I look for freebies because I have a hard time paying $15 for an email attachment. The nice thing is that many of the classics that I had read as a child (or never got around to reading as a child) are out there for free! In addition to the Nook, our iPad has a Kindle app so anything that Amazon puts up for free is downloadable to my iPad!

Which brings me to today's post: free books from Amazon. There are many out there but I am highlighting two that I downloaded today. The first is '30 Perfect Popcorn Recipes'.

My children love popcorn in all forms so this one speaks to all of us. I love the fact that it's a healthy alternative to potato chips for a snack and it is a common staple for our movie nights (because I'm too cheap to go to the movies!). So this one is a book we are all going to enjoy!

The next book I picked up today is '33 Great Camping Recipes'.

We love to camp - as a family and for Cub Scouts - so this book will definitely be a go-to book for the camping season. And this book goes beyond just main dishes to include sides, drinks, and desserts. The ebook version also has tips including: 7 Camp Clean Up Tips, How To Camp-Cook With Unusual Ingredients, Five Ice Chest Tips, and The Perfect S'mores Technique.

So there are your freebies for the day! Hope you enjoy!


- hfs

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Crista said...

I am a free book addict with my Kindle. I see no need to buy a book anymore, unless it's some sort of reference tool (like I recently bought "Walking Colorado Springs" for a whole $1+change). When a new book comes out from one of my regular authors, I find the cheapest way to get it. Options include a Kindle purchase (95% of the time this is a cheaper price than buying the physical book) or a library loan on my Kindle (if it's available and often new releases are not) or a library loan of the physical book.

I love having so many of the classics on my Kindle. So many of them are books I always wanted to read and now I can!! And my mom is on my Kindle account so she can read anything I pick up, including my library loans. We read a lot of the same stuff so this is fantastic.

I am a total Kindle addict!! Bought myself a Kindle Fire a few weeks ago and fell in love all over again. Kiddo will get my 2nd generation Kindle that I bought in 2010. My original purchase led to my mother getting one, then my grandmother (one of my cousins now has it), and then hubby....and my new Fire gives a Kindle to kiddo. woot woot!!



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