Hang on kids

Life's about to get a little crazy here in a bit.

My 'Metamorphosis' post (part 3) is almost done but Bugs Bunny has taken to snacking on my broccoli and cauliflower starts so I had to spend the majority of my day putting up Fort Knox - Garden Edition. There is plenty for Bugs to snack on elsewhere and I'd rather not have to unleash my 8-year old sniper on him. The Boy is quite good with the BB gun...

While I was out putting up fencing, I put down seeds for more spinach and some more carrots. I have carrots already growing in a container but just a few so I started some fresh from seed. I also set in my onions and garlic. I was worried about setting seeds out before we head to Hawaii for a long visit but MacGyver's leave was canceled (yeah...don't get me started) for training so he'll be here to water and look after things (ok, he'll be here to water). Tomorrow I'll get the rest of the herbs in and put down some more peppers and lettuce. I had wanted pretty rows and things grouped in categories in my garden beds but it's quite schizophrenic out there now. So we'll see how it all comes up.

It's our last week of official school. We're done with all things language - actually finished that all up a while back but kept plugging ahead into the next level. This week we're continuing with math (that will go all summer) and finishing up most of science. As part of astronomy, we took the telescopes and camera out on Saturday night to take a look at the Super Moon (no, it did not wear a cape, much to my son's chagrin). It was great to see the craters up close and personal. And the kids were thrilled to be allowed to stay up late. Until I had to roll them out of bed for church in the morning.

MacGyver's training schedule this summer made itself known last week. Looks like he's going to be quite the busy guy. So much for lazy summer days around here. More like single parenting again. Yay. Thankfully, beyond swimming lessons and pool time, we didn't have much planned so he won't be missing too much. Except our trip to Hawaii.

Wish I had known BEFORE I bought tickets (we waited for his leave to be approved after having submitted the paperwork THREE times, a delay that cost us $200 more, beyond what we paid for our other tickets. No, I'm not bitter. Why do you ask?). I'm not looking forward to the fight with the travel insurance company on getting our money back. Nowhere in their description of coverage does it say anything about 'military leave canceled'. I have a feeling we're going to get hosed. But I'll fight it. So we'll see. Regardless, we're going to miss having him with us in Hawaii and he's bummed because he was looking forward to seeing everyone again and having a small break. And he was looking forward to working some connections with the National Guard guys there. So that will have to wait. Hopefully we won't need the connections but it's better to be prepared.

And then, in the middle of writing this, we had a sweet, unexpected visitor show up on our back deck!

He just wandered on up and said hi at the back door. Well cared for, collared, leash-trained. Probably between 3 and 5 years old. Took him around the neighborhood but no one recognized him. So we called Animal Control. Hopefully he's chipped and back home with his family soon! It was fun to have a dog for a few hours.

Time to get more science done! We've about finished Jupiter and we're moving on to Venus. Fun times!


- hfs

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