We don't do a LOT of vitamins but we definitely do some. The Boy and The Girl each take a multivitamin in addition to a calcium supplement, vitamin C, and vitamin D in the winter. I take all of that (and oh, let me tell you, my body is quite vocal when I don't take my D!) plus grape seed extract, Co-Enzyme Q10, and D-Mannose.

I am not sure about the health benefits of the Co-Enzyme Q10 but, like I said, my body HOWLS at me when I skip my Vitamin D. I've not had a UTI since starting the D-Mannose (at the suggestion of my pastor's wife who is also a certified nutritionist). And *knocking on wood as I say this* our immune systems stayed in tact this winter, due in part (I think) to the grape seed extract.

We have one health food store in town and it is EXPENSIVE. More expensive than the one in Hawaii. Go figure. The closest Trader Joe's and/or Whole Foods (which is also expensive) are 2 hours away. So YAY for Vitacost! I signed up last fall when I was looking for bug spray that The Boy could tolerate without rashing up like he had the measles. They were offering $10 credits for new accounts and free shipping on orders over $49. WOOHOO!!! They are offering that AGAIN now! And if you sign up using my referral link, you and I BOTH will get $10.

It's about time for the local swimming pools to open so therefore it's time to stock up on sunscreen! Head on over, sign up for a new account with my referral link, and save $10 plus get free shipping on your order if it's greater than $49.

And check out their Memorial Day sales too!


- hfs

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