Meatless Monday too!

If you've ever listened to Dave Ramsey, you know he advocates "Gazelle-like intensity" when tackling debt, part of which involves "rice and beans, beans and rice" for meals. So tonight, we're having refried beans, rice, and taco fixings (minus the ground beef) for those that want tacos. And the refried beans are homemade. I've never made my own refried beans before so this was new.

Because it's so stinking hot outside, I prefer to use my Crock Pot whenever I can (not to mention the fact that I can use it while I'm sleeping! Don't try THAT with a pot on the stove.) so I searched for a Crock Pot recipe for homemade refried beans and found one that was simple and for which I had all ingredients on hand. I found this one from Real Mom Kitchen and figured I'd give it a try. The hardest part is chopping up the onion (I'm a wimp. I actually use swimming goggles when I'm chopping onions because I'm such a wimp. But my mascara stays on and I don't look like I've spent the day watching sappy chick flicks.). I threw everything in the Crock Pot last night before I sacked out and the beans were waiting for me this morning.

I ran The Boy and The Girl to their activities after turning the Crock Pot off and let the beans cool while I was out. Once I came home, I gave them a quick whirl through the food processor and they are good to go. And YUMMY! If we weren't having them for dinner, I'd be chowing down on them right now. Great flavor with plenty of depth. Not too overwhelming on any one seasoning though they do taste a might bit salty so I may scale back the salt by a teaspoon next time.

And CHEAP! A can of refried beans will run me about $1 per can (of course, the one time I actually want to find a receipt to check a price, I can't...grr.). This recipe called for 3 cups of dried beans (about $1 for the bag), a white onion (about 25 cents), water, and some spices. For $1.25, I easily came away with 5 cans' worth of refried beans. And no fat or lard or other ingredients whose names I cannot pronounce. Works for me and my budget. I have sour cream, cilantro, taco shells, block cheese, and taco sauce still on hand and we will eat well tonight!

I'm coveting this Crock Pot -->

If that's not your style, you can find more Crock Pot options HERE.

What is your favorite money-saving meal?


- hfs


Crista said...

You may have inspired me to make my own refried beans. Kiddo and I love just beans and tortilla chips, which I know I can make myself, too. lol

What do you do with the leftover beans? Can they be frozen or how long do they keep? Any ideas?

Homefront Six said...

Yep - you can freeze them. I am. There's no way we can eat that much before they go bad. I'm going to divide them up in 15 ounce portions (approximately) in a freezer ziploc. If they seem dry upon thawing, you can add a little water to bring them to the consistency you want.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Taco Bowls. I'll get you the recipe.


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