The blessings of a revolving door

We lived in Hawaii for 6.5 years. And, in that time, we had holiday visitors and the occasional non-holiday visitor but nothing like what I expected in terms of traffic. I mean, c'mon! We lived in HAWAII. Our house was small but we had an AeroBed and that mean free lodging. And yet, we were not inundated with guests.

We move to the dead center of the United States and all of a sudden, I feel the need to install a revolving door! We've been here less than a year and already we've had grandparents, uncles, and several friends all stop by and it's been great! As much as I do not like how big this house is, it is a blessing when we have people visit - they have their own room and their own bathroom, as long as they don't mind the Legos strewn about on the floor of the basement.

This week, my brother (bet you didn't know I had a brother!) was able to stop in. He was out in SoCal taking care of some family business and was headed our way. Thanks to his wonderful wife, we were able to get in touch with one another and he was able to crash at our place for the evening. What a wonderful surprise! The Boy and The Girl were slightly disappointed that there were no cousins stashed in his truck but we're already looking forward to when we can get back out their way again. So, even though it was a short visit, it was wonderful to see him again. We weren't close growing up (he's a bit older than I am and was out of the house by the time I came along) but it's great to build a relationship as adults. It helps that I adore his family and would steal his children in a heartbeat if I thought I could get away with it. But then The Boy and his cousinal-counterpart (bet you didn't know THAT was a word!) would probably cause the poles to reverse should they spend too much time together.

And, of course, I completely forgot to take a picture. Aside from my wedding pictures (and his wedding pictures) I don't know that there are any other pictures of the two of us in existence. Maybe next time.


In other news, my garden is about done. The heat and my less-than-consistent watering has spelled doom for my poor little garden. I have a handful of tomatoes that I am nursing to ripeness and then I am going to yank up the fence posts and let the bunnies and the deer have at it. Maybe next year...


Good news and bad news on the car front. Seems it's not the CV joint or the half-shaft that need to be replaced. MacGyver took a closer look at found that the bushings for the sway bar are toast. So that saves us a considerable amount of both money and effort. However, my poor car had a run-in with the back end of a Dodge Ram truck and now she needs some serious cosmetic work: new hood, new passenger side quarter panel, new passenger side headlamp assembly, and the crossbar that holds the radiator in place. Rather than file a claim for the damages, we're just going to pay out of pocket and find the parts either at junkyards or online. Unfortunately, hoods and quarter panels are not light and, therefore are not cheap to ship. So we're scrounging.

Poor little Road Runner.


That's about all I have right now. I'm working on a few posts about the streamlining I've been doing and the minimal(ish)  approach to life I seem to be tending toward. We'll see how that goes.


- hfs

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